Freaky Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Possessor Gets Mind-Bending First Trailer

Possessor is directed by Brandon Cronenberg and stars Mandy's Andrea Riseborough.


David Cronenberg is one of horror's most iconic directors, responsible for such gruesome mind-bending classics as Videodrome, The Fly, and Scanners. His son Brandon has followed his dad into filmmaking and made an impressive directing debut with Antiviral in 2012. His next movie is a sci-fi horror thriller titled Possessor, and the first trailer has been released.

The trailer doesn't give much away about the plot, but it very much sets up the movie's ominous mood. Possessor stars Andrea Riseborough (Mandy, The Grudge) as an assassin who performs her work by taking over the body of other people, to allow her to kill without being identified. The trailer shows her getting hooked up to a futuristic device, while a man tells her to "pull the trigger on the way out." But clearly something goes very wrong, and she finds herself locked in a psychic battle with the man she has control of. It looks incredibly stylish, cerebral, and gory--exactly what you'd expect from the Cronenberg name. Check it out below:

Possessor also stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Christopher Abbott (The Sinner), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Good Time), and Rossif Sutherland (The Expanse). IIt doesn't have a release date yet, but it does have a freaky poster,, which you can see at the end of this story.

In a recent interview with Slashfilm, Cronenberg talked about the inevitable comparisons between his films and those of his dad. "Everything I do in film, everything I've done so far has just been an honest expression of my own interests and creative impulses," he said. "I think that's the only correct way to approach it because otherwise I wouldn't be making a film honestly. I understand people will draw comparisons and it's up to them to decide how interesting that is or isn't from the outside. From my perspective, I'm just trying to do what is interesting to me and make films that I like."

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