France-Based Counter-Strike Pro Team Withdraws From Event After Paris Attacks

"We decided that the safety of our team members was at risk and to cancel the team's appearance in San Jose."


One of the top professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world has pulled out of an upcoming event in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. Team EnVyUs, based out of France, has issued a statement confirming it will not attend this weekend's Intel Extreme Masters event in San Jose, California in part because of travel concerns. The team is the defending champion of the event.

Team EnVyUs after winning last year's IEM event
Team EnVyUs after winning last year's IEM event

"It is with great sadness that we must report our CS:GO team will not be attending IEM in San Jose," the team said in a statement issued November 18. "As many of you know, our full team is French and the country is in a trying time. This morning as our players were beginning their travels, multiple airline threats and airplane diversions occurred. Simultaneously, additional threats and raids were carried out in Paris."

On November 18, authorities conducted raids in Paris suburbs, including a seven-hour raid in Saint-Denis. According to CBS News, two people were killed in this raid, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the Friday night Paris attacks that left 129 people dead and many more injured.

Team EnVyUS added that, as a result of these raids and the aforementioned travel concerns, they decided it would be best to stay put.

"At that time, we decided that the safety of our team members was at risk and to cancel the team's appearance in San Jose," the statement added. "This brings great disappointment to our organization as we were looking forward to visiting the American fans and defending our IEM title. We'd like to thank ESL, IEM and our supporters for understanding. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of France. May they be resilient in this trial they are faced with."

The 2015 IEM Masters takes place November 21-22 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California. More details about the event are available at its website.

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Come on guys, some of you are not being fair. I'm French myself, and of course we need to keep on living as normally as possible, but it's no reason to intentionnally ignore potential threats.

For example, the big climate COP21 demonstration that was supposed to take place 29th has been cancelled even if a lot of people had announced they were going to attend despite the risk. That's because although people try to act all natural in these situations, some stupid morons could (and by that I mean it has ALREADY been proven true) play idiotic retarded firecrackers pranks resulting in panic. Or call for some fake bombing alert. That would have been an almost guaranteed trampling party.

Maybe this particular Counter Strike team has some good reasons to be worried, who knows. I won't judge them for that and so you shouldn't.

Also, I usually LOVE the joke stating that French are all cowards, I think it is funny (even if naturally it's just a cliché), but in this case it's a bit out of place. Thanks for refraining yourselves.

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Hate to admit it but when I read articles like this I think the terrorists won a long time ago :( Each his own though. Everyone's got there reasons and theirs might be pretty good.

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Some counter-terrorists they are.

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If the tournament were in Texas, I'd say you'd be safer there... but in San Jose? I don't know...

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@hushed_kasket: I'd disagree with you on that. In Texas, if they're speaking French or have a darker skin tone then pure white they're most likely going to be assumed to be a terrorist and most likely would be shot on site. San Jose would be much safer if they did decide to travel.

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@henchman216: My observation was based on the fact that, in Texas, they are much more likely to be surrounded by law-abiding gun-toting citizens because of Texas's appreciation for conceal-carry... so, a political observation.

Yours was based on unsubstantiated geographic and racial prejudice... Ironically, you come across as the racist based on that comment. You're discriminating against a group of people within a certain state and of a certain skin color based on your predetermined prejudice – and accusing them of being racist? No doubt, you learned what Texas is like from 'the movies'...

In fact, it was a Texan who stopped two Islamic terrorists in Garland from shooting up a convention center by dropping them in the parking lot as they stepped out of their car with assault weapons. Texas, I would argue, is much more prepared for terrorism than California, with its lax immigration laws and gun-grabbing policies.

And your attempt at describing the assumed prejudices of Texans was also quite idiotic. I mean, how dark-skinned do you think French people are? And how "pure white" are Texans? haha, what a joke! (P.S.– the phrase is "shot on sight"; Texans are also very familiar with firearms and proper firearm terminology)

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You guys are being real dbags about this. The country is in mourning and they keep getting jokers and other assorted human trash calling in bomb threats on planes. You also don't know if any team members had family or friends killed/injured in the attacks, try a little compassion every now and then. I know we gamers gotta be jerks to keep up the street cred but jeeze.

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@dementedlullaby: Agreed. The majority of posts are really asinine, coming from basement dwellers who talk a big game but wet their pants at any confrontation.

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ah idiots....

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Thats exactly what the terrorist want, they want you to live in fear, but fack that, im going to the football game tonight and will be wearing bold bright colors to show we are never scared, and never back down.

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Really ????

Why ???

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As we all know the best way to deal with a terrorist attack is cower in a corner and be upset about it for days, weeks, months and years.

Actually carrying on with life and going about your routine definitely wouldn't diminish the effects of the attack or make the terrorists feel less significant *sarcasm

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Seriously. That doesn't make any sense. They are safer in California then they are in Europe.

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@Utnayan@Saxifrage-: The issue they're concerned with is not being in the US but taking off from an airport in France.

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I don't get their reasoning. If they are really concerned about "the safety of [their] team members", why don't they go to San Jose? They would probably be safer there than in France right now.

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terrorism is a lie ... watch Final Fantasy the Spirits within to understand this ... good luck

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@omotih: yeah becuase SW is based on actual events... Geez seriously...

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@heqteur: Not the best analogy, I'll give you that, but the moral within the film does hold true.

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I don't even get it -- there is practically zero risk of flying from France to USA.

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It would have been nice to see an article about them proceeding in spite of the terrorism instead of this. In fact, this article shouldn't exist because for that same reason.

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@mattji104: Agree. Don't be afraid & come compete.