Frag Dolls win first pro event

Ubisoft-sponsored all-female team takes first place at CPL finals in Rainbow Six Vegas tourney; win believed to be first for all-female team.


Frag Dolls kicked some dudes' butts at Rainbow Six Vegas.
Frag Dolls kicked some dudes' butts at Rainbow Six Vegas.

The battle of the sexes is heating up in the predominantly male sector of gaming. A four-person team from the Frag Dolls--an all-female collective of gamers--took first place at the Rainbow Six Vegas finals at the Dallas stop of the Cyberathlete Professional League.

The team, sponsored by Ubisoft, included Amy "Valkyrie" Brady, Emily "Seppuku" Ong, Alyson "Calyber" Craghead, and Nelly "Psyche" Morel. The squad beat the previously undefeated "The Unknown" team, who made it to the competition through an online ladder.

While Ubisoft touts the victory as "the first time an all-female team has won a tournament at a pro-circuit event," Frag Doll Morgan "Rhoulette" Romine was a bit more cautious. In her blog post about the achievement, she repeats the above statement but precludes it with "as far as we know."

"The team has been playing Rainbow Six Vegas up to 12 hours a day since the game came out," said Rhoulette. "We played as a team, communicated well, stuck to our strategies and won."

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