Frag Dolls, PMS boycott Miss WSVG contest

Girl-gaming clans denounce beauty contest at WSVG event; hold male beauty contest in protest.


When the World Series of Video Games announced that it would be holding a Miss WSVG contest, the only game-related requirement for contestants asked for the girl's favorite game. That didn't sit too well with serious girl gamers the Frag Dolls and the PMS clan, which protested the first regional competition held in Louisville, Kentucky, this past weekend. Rather than cramp the WSVG's style, PMS (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers) and the Frag Dolls boycotted the competition and decided to put their own spin on the event by holding a Mr. WSVG competition.


"It's not really a video gamer [who'll be crowned]. It's a model," PMS cofounder Amber Dalton told The Courier-Journal of the Miss WSVG contest. Ubisoft's Morgan Romine, who markets Ubisoft's Frag Dolls, said she and the women "have to fight the perception that we're booth babes. We're gamers first. We felt that this [beauty contest] was threatening that."

In a press release today, the WSVG shot back, saying, "The [Frag Dolls and PMS clan] have stated that they plan to run another Mr. WSVG competition in [the tour's next stop in] Dallas. If this happens, and in order to be fair, the WSVG may feel compelled to run another Miss WSVG competition as well."

Curiously, some of the PMS and Frag Dolls members have been coming under fire by some gamers for their own gaming credentials. Several of the more visible PMS members' Xbox profiles are readily viewable to the public via the Web site, and detractors have critiqued their low gamerscores--some of which don't even crack 500 points. Defenders of them are quick to point out that gamerscores only reflect Xbox 360 games played, and not other games, such as Halo 2, which the women frequently play in competition.

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