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FPS Campaigns Can Cost 75% of Budget, Gears of War Creator Says

Bleszinski's upcoming game Lawbreakers will not feature a campaign.


If you've been wondering why so many shooters, like Star Wars Battlefront and Titanfall, are moving away from single-player campaigns, then Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has an answer for you.

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In an interview with PC Gamer, Bleszinski talked about his upcoming first-person shooter Lawbreakers, how it's looking in action, and the expensiveness of single-player campaigns. When asked why the industry is trending towards multiplayer, his answer was simple.

"Campaigns cost the most money; it's usually 75 percent of the budget," Bleszinski explained. "You burn through the campaign in a weekend and then you guys go to the multiplayer."

Of course, some first-person shooters, like Wolfenstein: The New Order and BioShock Infinite, are going the other way and aren't featuring multiplayer modes at all.

When it comes to Lawbreakers, it won't feature a single-player campaign. Bleszinski says the multiplayer-only shooter will be released in a pre-alpha stage "when the weather's warm." Developer Boss Key Productions will open access to the game to more and more people as time goes on.

Bleszinski also said he wants Lawbreakers to be the Rated-R version of all the "PG-rated shooters."

Lawbreakers is currently set for a PC-only release. Bleszinski has said that it could come to consoles if they found a good partner to handle the port.

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