Four-Player Overlord Announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC

Fellowship of Evil is a top-down action-RPG; watch the first trailer and see the first screenshots here.


Following yesterday's initial reveal, Codemasters on Thursday officially announced Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, the next entry in the UK developer's action-adventure series. The game is in development for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and is due to launch later this year for $20.

The most recent entry in the core Overlord series was Overlord II, released more than six years ago in 2009 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Fellowship of Evil is shaking things up.

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Fellowship of Evil departs from the formula of past Overlord games in that you'll play not as one Overlord, but rather as one of four Netherghūls. These are described as "suitably nefarious" undead servants, who are "determined to bring evil back to a world overrun by the forces of good." How nice of them.

The game supports four-player co-op either locally or online. Another major change is that Fellowship of Evil is played from a top-down perspective, whereas the first two entries in the core series were presented in a third-person view. You can see some Fellowship of Evil gameplay in the video above.

One thing that's staying the same, however, is the voice actor for the minions. British voice actor Marc Silk is returning to voice the dastardly creatures for Fellowship of Evil.

And as suspected, Rhianna Pratchett--who worked on the original two Overlord games--has returned to write for Fellowship of Evil. For more on Fellowship of Evil, check out some images in the gallery below.

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Avatar image for whtewolflct

This isn't overlord. This is something entirely different, and not in a good way. Very, very disapointed. And I was so excited when I saw this post.

Avatar image for CountBleck12

I want to cry.

And not in a good way, seriously what the hell were they thinking.

Avatar image for hystavito

Off topic but anyone remember the C64 game Overlord? Apparently it was called Supremacy-something outside of North America.

Avatar image for Stogin

Well I was never into the original Overlord games, but this looks like a fun little Diablo style game for me and some friends to mess with.

Avatar image for deathstream

I hate you, Codemasters. Why would you tease a return of Overlord and give us this steaming pile?

This is Fable: Heroes all over again.

Avatar image for Prostakma

I'd say its more sacred than overlord. Unfortunately I think we'll all be disappointed by this one

Avatar image for garthoknarfle

I absolutely loved Overlord 1 & 2 but I don't know about this one. I hope it's good but we will see.

Avatar image for Ducez_III

I've been thinking about Overlord 1 and 2 a lot lately. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil doesn't impress me at first glance, but I'm just glad the franchise isn't dead.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Ducez_III: This is a Sacred 3 situation. Franchise is dead.

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

Worth noting at the time of this comment that the Youtube video has of 185 thumbs ups to 697 thumbs downs.

One of these days it might be worth having some of the writers on Gamespot do some articles about the risks of changing established single player franchises to multiplayer ones. We see it happen repeatedly, but I almost never see articles covering the extensive blowback that often occurs.

Might be nice to see some of the gaming sites out there explore the subject a little more.

Avatar image for es496

I was hoping for Overlord 3 not this four player game taking single-player away. Guess I can't play this one then.

Avatar image for lordossiss

This is a terrible decision... Why are companies going toward multiplayer only games now? Where is my single player experiences??
I swear, if Fallout 4 has multiplayer.... I quit.

Avatar image for kujel

@lordossiss: There will always be devs like myself who make singleplayer games but Suaron_x is right that multiplayer games make publishers more money :(

Avatar image for Suaron_x

@lordossiss: I've said this in a previous article. Multi-player games are a time based experience...the best time to play a MP game is just after launch when the servers are heavily populated. Once the populations decline the experience diminishes. Therefore, more games are sold at the higher price point with multi-player games (earning the publishers/developers more money). Second, it's far easier to produce a map pack than a single player story. Therefore more money can be made/saved on MP DLC as opposed to episodic single player DLC.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

@lordossiss: has mp... like co op or like death match? i for one would like to travel the vast expanse with someone for company

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@leviathanwing@lordossiss: ...but will your schedules actually line up for ~100+ hours?

Avatar image for playstationzone

When this game come out code masters will be bankrupt

Avatar image for playstationzone

End near for codemasters

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

I wanted another Overlord game, but not like this... : (

Avatar image for Vexov

Maybe these are the females from Overlord 2?, they all seemed to be female.

Avatar image for Suaron_x

@Vexov: The green one definitely has a beard...but it looks dwarf-like. Dwarven women do have beards though...but evil overlords typically aren't dwarves.

Avatar image for Vexov

So.. some sort of gauntlet legends?. Is that even popular anymore?. This would have a chance if it was more Like D2 (ya, fk D3) or Path of Exile, a ARPG hack and slash.

Oh, so $20 is probably the right price for it.. but that depends if there is even a decent amount of content. I hope Overlord 3 is in the works and that this is just a warm up to work on the PS4 and X1.

Avatar image for TTDog

Sees who the writer is... instantly decides against a purchase.

Avatar image for simonbarfod

developers gotta be feeling real bad right now :( not one single person likes the look of this, including me... i feel bad for them

Avatar image for Suaron_x

@simonbarfod: I don't have any love for the OverLord series, so I'm not all that upset by it's apparent change in gameplay. If it's like Diablo and not buggy/unplayable, I'd definitely buy it but only it's not a forced 4 player experience (which is sure looks like it has).

Avatar image for eelektrik

From the looks of it this isn't being made by Triumph, and given the price it is probably a download only title. Perhaps it is a lead in product/story setup for an actual Triumph developed Overlord 3? At least one would hope so, this looks more like Gauntlet or Diablo than it does Overlord.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

at least they're making something with the series. It's not 3, but it's something

Avatar image for Marsh87

Dirt 4 please

Avatar image for kujel

I loved the Overlord series but I'm not sure I, like the direction this iteration is going.

Avatar image for CDsmasher

LMFAO 0/10 It's as if they intentionally tried really, really hard to do the most terrible job possible... like they had meetings where they discussed "how can we possibly completely sh*t all over this title, and surprise the fans of the previous game by showing how much we can f*ck this up?".

Avatar image for adit942

not the next gen overlord i was hoping for

Avatar image for mkaliaz

I loved the previous Overlord games but this looks really lame. Seriously, why even call this Overlord? Looks like a major departure from the unique things they did in the first games.

Avatar image for Charliesix

At 2:02 in the video, there are panda bears being barbecued..... O_O

Avatar image for CDsmasher

@Charliesix: rofl

Avatar image for Boddicker

Ugh!!!!!!!! MP only?!?!?!

Why? Just why?!?!?!?

Avatar image for CDsmasher

@Boddicker: terrible, incompetent and cash-grab greedy devs.

Avatar image for RC-Sev

This is... different. And I don't like this kind of different. =/

Avatar image for blue_dude

**** yeah! A new Gauntlet game is just what I've been wanting :P

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Multiplayer focus is extremely troubling. Previous games were single player. This doesn't look like Overlord at all, what the hell?

Avatar image for blue_dude

@Thanatos2k: Yeah this is not magika...

Avatar image for ssj2los

Reminds me of what happen with Sacred 3... Devs said the samething about that game these devs are saying... ended up being SH*T

Avatar image for catsimboy

If I wanted to play Gauntlet I'd play FRIGGIN GAUNTLET. What a waste.

Avatar image for GarGx1

Is this a MOBA?

The again it's also dirt cheap, which is a good thing

Avatar image for Bobdog52

So this is like the prequel to overlord 3 ? If so ill just wait for overlord 3

Avatar image for Dream-on-stereo


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