Four new VC games for Europe

Nintendo rolls out this week's downloadable retro goodness for the Wii's Virtual Console, including Gradius and Comix Zone.


European Wii owners can get four new games for the Virtual Console today--three Sega Mega Drive (known as Genesis in the US) games and one NES title--bringing the total available in Europe up to 42.

The games, which are already available in the US, include Gradius, a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up from Konami that was first playable on the NES, and Bonanza Bros, a Mega Drive platform game where one or two players can take on the roles of brothers Robo and/or Mobo, two bungling burglars.

Also out today is Comix Zone, which tells its story through a series of comic book panels and tasks gamers to fight the bad guys before they can turn the page. Finally, Gain Ground is an arcade-inspired game where players battle as one of 12 characters over 50 levels.

Gradius will cost 500 Wii Points, and Bonanza Bros, Comix Zone, and Gain Ground each cost 800.

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When are they going to bring out some amazing classics that I actually want to play!!!

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Comix Zone is really slick. Anyone who fell for Viewtiful Joe would do well to give it a go.

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Good to see some more European games. When I get my Wii eventually I'll be spoilt for choice.

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Once again completely irrelavant excuse for news, has gamespot got anything better to reoprt on otgher than to say '4 new games out on the VC!! *GASP!*'?

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the pricing structure. I'm quite happy to pay good money for the games as they feel "complete" as opposed to PC emulation. I just take issue with what feels like Nintendo are collectively saying. "Yes, we know you want *insert top title here*, but we're not ready for you to play that yet, our reasons are our own. In the meantime, please allow us to fob you off with rubbish you're not really interested in" To be absolutely fair, their tactic seems to be working. I'll quite happily waste the remainder of my points on stuff I don't particularly want, just for the sake of increasing the collection. If everything was available right now, I think I could safely say I'd have spent at least 15,000 points by now. At least.

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I don't mind the amount we have to pay for the titles. I have spent 45 british pounds for 8 games. Thats about 5.625 british pounds per game which is pretty good for any videogame. It is legal and it really feels like part of a collection on the Wii as opposed to PC emulators. I agree that it is odd that there aren't more games yet. If they released all the games at once then they would make a fortune so there must be a good reason for it.

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Am I the only one here that's dissatisfied with the rate the VC games are handed out like crumbs? There should be at least 2 or 3 times as many games already up on the Wii Store than there are currently. The PC has been emulating pretty much the entirety of the back catalogues for all the systems the Wii is emulating, and has been doing so for years. It just strikes me as a little odd, that's all.

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Hey don't comlain we had to wait for Super Castlevania and Contra 3 in the US... and we're still waiting for Donkey Kong Country!!!

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COMIX ZONE :D:D I had that on my PC....sooooo good O.O Made by Sega :P

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Too bad it's practically impossible for Nintendo to port Goldeneye. They sold off the 007 rights to EAGames who, I'm guessing (knowing) will want to keep the rights and not let them put it on the virtual console. Sorry to burst a plethora of bubbles on you people but them's the brakes.

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OOO! Gradius! Awesome...

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im still waiting for earthbound, i dont really care about n64...i can just buy n64 games off amazon for cheap, but i don't have a NES or a SNES

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I really want GoldenEye 007 from the N64 to come out!! I loved that game!!

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I want A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Super Mario World, Uniracers first! Why do we Europeans always get things the last? :(

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I still want Gradius!!!!

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Gradius is a great game and I've already downloaded it for my virtual console

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It would be cool if they rereleased some of the N54 Pokimon games. Like the battle game that it had and the Camra one. Those were fun and would do well on the Wii.

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A solid line up of games but I think NIntendo etc can do better than this! We still need to see A Link To The Past up there, as well as Majora's Mask, Banjo Tooie and the game I'm looking forward to most is Jet Force Gemini! This N64 game is a great game and is a great challenge! :)

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Acutlly the PS2's Genesis Collectionis waste of money if you bought the Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection.

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nice. hopefully ninty is now working as hard as possible to get link to the past over here.

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Comix Zone is really the only game on their that's worth the money. Actually its not. Since you can get it for cheaper on say, the Genesis Collection (PS2). My friend bought that for 15 bucks yesterday and it has about 20 games on it.

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Good too see Comix Zone on the Virtual Console. I still have it on the Megadrive so I'll doubt I'll download it but this is great for the people that haven't played this awesome game!

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Comix Zone was Viewtiful Joe for the 16-bit era. Great game, I still have the cart.

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If only Sony could do the same.

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Why the hell are they taking so mcuh time in getting A Link To The Past :evil:

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I'm still waiting on somthing to truely make me want to get a Wii at the moment its retro games, Zelda and Smash bros I can't see anything else outside of a legion of party games.

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Bonanza Bros and Comix Zone rule! loved them when i was younger.

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SpaceGoth and i_like_evil, ALttP was released on the US VC two weeks ago, so I definitely think it will be in the UK before too long.

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Hmmm, not all of these games are available in the US yet. We don't have Gain Ground, for instance, or at least if we do, I didn't see it on the list.

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i agree with i_like_evil. The ONE SNES port I don't get, and Nintendo refuse access to it! Absolutly Outragious!

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axillia, comix zone is actually really good.

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I tell ya what. Goldeneye + OnlinePlay = The only game I need!

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Sounds like some crappy games.

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I still want my A Link To The Past god dammit!!