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Four new VC games for Europe

Nintendo rolls out this week's downloadable retro goodness for the Wii's Virtual Console, including Gradius and Comix Zone.


European Wii owners can get four new games for the Virtual Console today--three Sega Mega Drive (known as Genesis in the US) games and one NES title--bringing the total available in Europe up to 42.

The games, which are already available in the US, include Gradius, a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up from Konami that was first playable on the NES, and Bonanza Bros, a Mega Drive platform game where one or two players can take on the roles of brothers Robo and/or Mobo, two bungling burglars.

Also out today is Comix Zone, which tells its story through a series of comic book panels and tasks gamers to fight the bad guys before they can turn the page. Finally, Gain Ground is an arcade-inspired game where players battle as one of 12 characters over 50 levels.

Gradius will cost 500 Wii Points, and Bonanza Bros, Comix Zone, and Gain Ground each cost 800.

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