Four More Games Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program

The Xbox One backwards compatibility program continues to grow.


Four more Xbox 360 games are now playable on Xbox One.

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced the four new additions to the program on Twitter. These include Jurassic Park: The Game, Battlestations: Midway, Dragon's Lair, and Tour de France 2011.

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If you already own any of these games on Xbox 360, they should show up automatically in your Xbox One game library. If not, you can buy them on your Xbox One or through the links below.

One thing to note is that Tour de France 2011 is not available in all regions. The game does not appear to be available in the United States.

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature launched in November 2015 with the New Xbox One Experience update. Microsoft has added new titles on a regular basis since then--you can see all 250-plus games in the catalog here.

Since backwards compatibility launched, the response has been "overwhelming," Microsoft recently said. Users have collectively spent 145 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.

In other news, Criterion Games has confirmed that it continues to work on backwards compatibility support for Burnout Paradise.

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Can I please get Tenchu Z and Soul Calibur V already?

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They release these wack games when there's tons of others that deserved to released as B.C.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Make it so Xbox.

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Orange Box

CoD 4 (bet activision won't do it so you have to buy that IW piece of crap)

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Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3...............................................................................................

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They keep adding more games, meanwhile not fixing any of the issues with gears of war 2 and 3. Friend and I have massive framerate drops constantly, and now our save got corrupted.

BC my ***.

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If you like flying games, Battlestations: Midway is pretty good.

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where the **** is the digital version of Lost Odyssey?

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Im sure some people are happy these hit BC. I personally dont have any of these four games but I always look forward to seeing games become BC.

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Damn it. I want Battlestation: Pacific (another Xbox console exclusive) added to B/C. I don't have the first game. Don't have Jurassic Park: The Game either. Didn't even know Dragon's Lair was on the XBox 360. I had beaten it about 10 times at the arcade many years ago. Pretty meh addition, but I'm very happy Lost Odyssey was added. I need to load that game up right now.

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I don't like this, but I know some people will.

Hell, they gave us world at war so im pleased until at least a month. Also Lost Odyssey recently.

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@biggamerdude: Battlestations midway is actually a pretty good game too. You should check it out, and I know I've been playing some world at war a lot I am so thankful for that and red dead.

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They still haven't made Mass Effect 2 and 3 backwards compatible yet, have they?

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That'll do, keep 'em coming.

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Tour de France?? There's a video game out about riding a bike? Blimey. That's so boring I don't watch it on tv let alone want to buy a video game about it.

Anyhoo - keep 'em coming MS...and keep up the great work....

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I'd really like to see child of eden be backwards compatible soon. It was the only good game made for the Kinect.

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@jonnybrownieboy: What about the gunstringer?

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@jonnybrownieboy: I'd like to see that too but unfortunately from what I understand the XBOne Kinect doesn't work with original Kinect games because of different hardware : (

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I have 3 out of 4. Love this BC stuff on X1.

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Where the hell is Midnight Club LA?

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@kgbinusa: I want Midnight Club Dub Edition. That was the game back then.