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Four Day One Xbox Game Pass PC Games Being Announced At The Game Awards 2021

Xbox Game Pass keeps growing


Xbox has revealed that four games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC in the future, and they will be announced at The Game Awards 2021. The announcement notes that these four games are day one releases, which means they'll launch on Game Pass the same day that they are released.

On top of the four unannounced titles, there are several that are already confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass PC day one too:

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Currently, it's unknown whether the four titles are games that have already been publicly announced but not specifically for Xbox Game Pass PC or brand-new titles that haven't been revealed yet. Either way, we'll see them this week during the show. Be sure to know how to watch the Game Awards, as well as at what time and what to expect.

Usually, when the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account makes these sorts of announcements, there are hints buried within about what game could be added. However, this time around there was a game code hidden in the announcement. It said, "If you're the first to edit this photo, congrats to you here's a code." Surely, someone must have redeemed it by now!

The next big game coming to Xbox Game Pass is Halo Infinite's campaign on December 8. In GameSpot's Halo Infinite campaign review, Jordan Ramee said, "Halo Infinite transforms the series' two-decade-old formula for the better, giving protagonist Master Chief more characterization and implementing an open world." Microsoft will continue to put its first-party releases such as Redfall and Starfield on the service on day one.

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