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Forza Motorsport Will Require An Internet Connection For Any Progression

Story progression in any mode in Forza Motorsport will be stored on Forza servers, requiring an internet connection.


Forza Motorsport has made some very smart decisions when designing progression in its career mode, but it comes with a catch--to progress in the game, you'll have to be connected to the internet.

While Free Play will be available offline, progression in any mode will have to be stored on Forza servers, Forza Motorsport creative director Chris Esaki revealed in the latest Forza Monthly update, as picked up on Resetera.

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"The game has been designed to easily adjust and add content over time," Esaki explained when asked about online requirements. "It's really to ensure a fair and secure experience anywhere in the game. So any progression in the game will be stored on our servers to support the integrity of the overall game experience."

"There are options for playing offline," Esaki added. "So things like Free Play [are] always available, but any progression requires an online connection."

While the server-side progression makes sense for the more serious simulation style Forza Motorsport is aiming for, some fans expressed disappointment in the announcement. Resetera users speculated on whether the game would be left unplayable in the future once the developer shuts down servers in favor of newer titles, or if Forza Motorsport would later be patched to support offline career mode play.

Forza Motorsport releases on October 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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