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Forza 7 Angers Fans, and Nintendo Boosts Switch Supplies! - GS News

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Two More Xbox 360 Games Get Xbox One Backwards Compatability

Microsoft’s focus on making the Xbox One work with all your old Xbox games is unwavering. Today, the company announced that two beloved titles from Peter Molyneux and his team from Lionhead at the time have joined the roster. Bet you can’t guess which ones!

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Forza Motorsport 7 Apologizes To Frustrated VIP Players Who Don’t Feel Very Important

Racing fans who enthusiastically bought into the racing sim’s Ultimate Edition of the game, with an eye to reap the sweet benefits of its VIP membership, were a little annoyed with its actual benefits. But, Turn 10 have apologised and are making it up to players with a few bonuses

Nintendo Cranks Up Its Switch Supplies

Do you have a Switch? Does anyone really own a Switch? It’s a complete toss-up, because they’re in pretty short supply, depending on your region. Nintendo knows this, so they’re spinning up the production lines at double speed for the holiday season.

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