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Forza 6's Awesome New TV Ad Pays Homage to '70s and '80s Racing Games



Microsoft on Friday published a new TV ad for its soon-to-be-released Xbox One racing game, Forza Motorsport 6. Called "Legacy," the 90-second video aims to celebrate the racing genre's evolution over the past 40 yeas. The video ends by saying, "This is what we've been racing toward," referencing Forza 6.

Watch the video below and you'll see homages to games like Gran Trak 10 (1974), Pole Position (1982), RC Pro Am (1987), Chase HQ (1988), and Ridge Racer (1993). No, Gran Turismo never shows up.

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"From the very beginning, video games have tried to recreate the feeling of what it's like to race the cars of our dreams," Xbox marketing boss Mike Nichols said in a statement. "This has always been the goal of Forza Motorsport, and on the tenth anniversary of the series, it's as close as it has ever been."

Featured prominently in the ad is the 2017 Ford GT, the supercar seen on the box of Forza 6.

Here's how Microsoft created the commercial:

"To place the photorealistic car inside the pixelated game worlds, Xbox photographed a real-life, multimillion dollar prototype of the Ford GT that was suspended within a motion-controlled hydraulic rig. Tracking markers were used in-camera so that shots of the real car fit perfectly into the simulated environment of the earlier generation games."

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The song featured in the ad is "Danger! High Voltage" from the Detroit, Michigan-based band, Electric Six. The commercial will air on TV across the globe this weekend during the Formula One Italian Grand Prix.

The Forza 6 release date is set for September 15, but people who buy the $100 Ultimate Edition can start playing on September 10. In other Forza 6 news, the racer has now gone gold, a demo is available now on Xbox One, and Microsoft has revealed the game's Fast & Furious DLC pack.

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