Forza 5 economy patch incoming as early as next week, slashes car prices by 45 percent

Forza 5 update also includes two new multiplayer modes.


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A Forza Motorsport 5 patch that cumulatively slashes the prices of the game's on-disc cars by 45 percent could be released as early as next week, developer Turn 10 has said.

As an example, Turn 10 referenced the Ferrari 250 GTO, which will now cost 2 million credits after the patch. The car cost 6 million credits when the game launched.

The rate of income in the new patch has been more than doubled, too, meaning players will earn money faster and also be able to spend it quicker. Turn 10 says that, with the new Forza 5 update, players will be able to earn new cars in a fifth of the time that they earned them in Forza Motorsport 4.

Along with the economy tweak, the incoming update will add drag racing and tag multiplayer modes. Drag racing will allow 16-players in one lobby and one-on-one duels or eight players on the same strip. Tag will come in three variants: Keep The It, Tag Virus, and Pass The It.

Forza Motorsport 5's economy has been criticised for not gifting players cars as they progress through the career, instead making players rely entirely on in-game winnings to fill out their in-game garages.

The developer previously offered 50 percent off all in-game cars over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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