Forza 4 fueling preorders

Prepurchase incentives for Microsoft, Turn 10's Kinect-enabled racer includes cars; Collector's Edition, Ship Bonus, Forza 3 perks confirmed.

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Microsoft has said little of Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 4 beyond its initial announcement and presentation at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, indicating only that it will incorporate Kinect functionality when it arrives for the Xbox 360 this fall. Taking promotion from 0 to 60, Microsoft today announced a Collector's Edition, as well as a range of preorder incentives, to draw gamers to Forza 4's track on race day.

Beyond confirming that a Forza 4 Collector's Edition exists, Microsoft offered no details on how much it will cost or what gamers can expect to find within it. Microsoft expects to offer more details on the limited-run package soon. Expect more information on Forza 4 at next month's E3, where Microsoft will hold its annual press conference on June 6.

The Ferrari 458 Italia will be Forza 4's cover car.
The Ferrari 458 Italia will be Forza 4's cover car.

The publisher did have information to share on the game's preorder incentives, which will take the form of retailer-specific car download vouchers. Those who pick up the game through will get the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, while Best Buy preorderers gain access to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. GameStop has the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde, Wal-Mart is offering the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman, and Target buyers will get the Honda CR-Z EX.

Microsoft will also be motivating gamers to show up at retailers early to get their copy of Forza 4 with the limited-quantity "Ship Bonus" car pack. This offer, which is limited to first-run Forza 4 game discs, includes the Ford Mustang GT Coupe 1965, Koenigsegg Agera 2011, Lexus SC300 1997, RUF RGT-8 2011, and Tesla Roadster Sport 2011.

Lastly, Microsoft offered good news for those who lost themselves to Forza 3. The publisher said that gift cars will be doled out based on player level and garaged cars in Forza 3, and players will also be able to import liveries from that game into Forza 4.

For more on Forza 4 and its Kinect functionality, check out GameSpot's coverage from last year's E3 showing.

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Avatar image for JGMRACING

I really hope that I was able to be one of the first to pre-order so I can get those awesome cars... It's gonna suck if I look and see I was the the 1st in the 2nd round of game discs...

Avatar image for alexbartle

wish it would support my logitech g25 race wheel.

Avatar image for dany__86

guys are these all in game graphix??! even the ones with pit crew/spectators/drivers in them?!

Avatar image for chyng85

It is really cool!! Too mature....

Avatar image for SsangyongKYRON

This is going to be awesome. I'm surely buying this. I loved Forza 3.

Avatar image for zidan4000

:( , my xbox died as soon as soon as i bought Forza 3 , i barely touched that game and look , now Forza 4 will be released , duuuuuuuuude i am dying to play that game as i am already starting to get bored from GT5.

Avatar image for syam32245340

good for xbox

Avatar image for alexLmx6

If only my G27 would work with the 360, it would be a must buy for me. As it stands though, I'm not buying a new wheel for it, and I'm not playing a racing game with a controller, so unfortunately it looks like I'm passing on it.

Avatar image for Default_Usernam


Avatar image for brian_13un

Very NIce :)

Avatar image for its_mmd

hope they design cockpit camera view a way that we dont have to use FOV trick for adjusting it.

Avatar image for COPMAN221

Does anyone know how many disc this will be on?

Avatar image for razgriz_101

let me import my dlc aswell and i wont need another racing game :P

Avatar image for XenoLair

I love forza but I may skip this unless it greately improves upon forza 3 (which is hard to do since that one already rocks).

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Time to give my Vauxhall Lotus Carlton 'Police Car' a T-Cut : )

Avatar image for RitsukoEX

@shkar GT5 all the way to the BARGAIN BIN! Forza 4 here I come!!!

Avatar image for -DaNuTz-

looks great

Avatar image for mattcake

Only Kinect control I'd be interested in is slight head turns registering so I could look around from the cockpit view ingame easier (obviously not too much movement or I wouldnt be looking at the TV any more :P)

Avatar image for Subterfuge

Once again, Amazon is getting the best pre-order bonuses. I don't like this rapidly growing retailer specific bonus incentive trend.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Guys, The 'Kinect' compatibility is completely 'OPTIONAL', in the same way as GR: Future Soldier.

Avatar image for amaan4ever

I'm a ps fan since ps1 but i have to say Forza looks very pretty. Might get a xbox for this

Avatar image for HT89488

@warhawk I am sure they will have controls both ways. Controller or Xbox360 wheel and now featuring Kinect. I guess if you have Kinect already, it would just be a bonus for you. Can't be that bad, Kinect can be fun if you have ever played it.

Avatar image for shkar

GT5 all the way.......

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Forza with Kinect? Ummmm no.. Just no.. That would be about as fun as poking yourself in the eye. Stop making kinect compatible with current games Microsoft and make something innovative damn it! There's soooooo much potential.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

you want my money for a reservation? give me a mclaren! OH YEAH!!!!! id be there on launch and ready for this!

Avatar image for DennisWZH

i'd rather get GT5 honestly, free updates baby. forza will just suck all your money with DLC.

Avatar image for lifemeister

@nissanmaxima - "It's suppose to be serious. Sounds like you need to play Need For Speed franchise instead." Response: I bought Forza 3 knowing it was a sim. I played it for hours and enjoyed customizing cars. I think the major issue I had with the game was that I wasn't believing it. The dashboard view was horrible and stiff. Some of the stages looked fake and totally unreal. The controls felt like I was playing a Tomy Turnin Turbo Dashboad; I got used to it and made my purchase worth-while. I'm tracking Forza 4 and I do expect many changes, and that's just me. Oh, that last NFS I played was Carbon, about 4-5 years ago. No thanks. I like Forza, just want them to step it up.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

I really thought Forza 3 was a big jump above Forza 2, and I'm interested to see what kind of improvements they make with this installment. I just wonder if they'll put my 04 Cavalier in it?:)

Avatar image for One-Enemy

@nissanmaxima You are right, I could have done a little research. It is actually something I normally do with games I really like and I do like Forza Motorsport, but I am by no means a huge fan. I do understand this, "you will miss inform other uninformed gamers." However, nowhere did I say you could only play Forza Motorsport 4 with Kinect.

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

@one-enemy you should go to IF YOU DID, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT FORZA 4 IS NOT KINECT ONLY! YOU CAN USE WHEEL OR CONTROLLER. Do some research. Don't assume something. Other wise, you will miss inform other uninformed gamers.

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

@lifemeister It is a Sim racing game. It's suppose to be serious. Sounds like you need to play Need For Speed franchise instead.

Avatar image for lifemeister

Forza 3 had about five DLCs, something like 5 bucks each. I wonder if they will include those cars in Forza 4. Forza 3 lacked style, it felt too dry and serious; it needs more sense of speed. Also, more customizable views.

Avatar image for ninjaroach81

@lifemeister If you don't pre-order or didn't play Forza 3, you're probably only going to miss out on maybe 20 cars or so. Considering Forza 3 has about 400 cars before DLC, Forza 4 should have at least that many, more likely more. You're not going to missing out on that much.

Avatar image for Xbox360Gamer15

im just gonna use a controller....forza 4 wont do good with kinect...

Avatar image for rasterror

@zzamaro And you honestly think that game feels like it took 6-7 years to design. when I first got it the game felt unfinished. The fact that there are HD cars, which is a joke, means that most of the cars are unpolished and unfinished. Then there were the massive updates to try to complete an unfinished game. And why do I have to level up to get damage? They just made so many excuses with that game and it still feels unfinished.

Avatar image for SadPSPAddict

don't think I'll play it with Kinect but think it is going to be awesome :D wonder what incentives there will be here in the uk :D

Avatar image for why9090909090

i might need to buy another hard drive.. all these games coming out with two discs used up all my space, i'll prob need another 4gigs for this game, completely worth it though.

Avatar image for EasyToTalkToIty

Forza 4 (game discs)

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

i cant wait for E3 :D

Avatar image for lifemeister

So if I do not pre-order, did not play Forza 3 extensively, and do not show up early enough, I'm already going to be missing out on a lot of content (cars). Dumb strategy, pushed me away even more. I'm getting sick of these trick plays.

Avatar image for One-Enemy

I hope you can play both Forza Motorsport 4 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier with a controller. I am not buying a Kinect just for 2 games. I am sure it will be great, but I simply do not have the money.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

I think DiRT 3 will be my favorite racing game this year. However, if you're looking for street racing (in a game with a full, modern set of features), you can't do better than Forza.

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

I am so all over this. Can't wait for Forza 4. The game where all cars are the same quality in appearance. All tracks are same graphic quality. Unlike 1 game were only 200 cars are premium, & couple tracks are premium. Forza has been Sim king since Forza 3.

Avatar image for monson21502

damn think i better get up to gamestop and pre order this.. alot of goodies:) and you know the game will be great

Avatar image for berto64

YAY:D they better have the GT-R on the main game but this game is gonna rock

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@Death_Masta187 Forza 3 is incredible; I really need to fire it up again. If you got it today for around $20.00 you would easily get your money's worth before 4 drops. I used to think the GT series was on an untouchable pillar of awesome, but Forza came pretty dang close with F3. Will be interesting to see how Forza 4 improves.

Avatar image for ninjaroach81

@COPMAN221 I wouldn't say that Forza is geared toward tweens. You're right that it's a lighter sim than GT5, but that doesn't mean it's not meant for adults.

Avatar image for COPMAN221

@zzamaro, GT5 is geared more towards adults and is a serious sim racer. Forza is more geared towards tweens and is more arcadey than sim. That's how I felt after playing both.

Avatar image for zzamaro

@Death_Masta187 Why are you asking that? Gran Turismo 5 is here. Just get Gran Turismo 5. That's all you need. There's no need of three forzas games.

Avatar image for COPMAN221

I can see one steering the car with the Kinect BUT how will one accelerate and brake with it.. Oh I can't wait to see how that will work as well as their soon to be released Kinect FPS..

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