Forza 3 cruising in September - Retail Radar

Amazon Germany's online database lists official Prima Guide for Turn 10's unannounced racer.


Microsoft appears to be hemorrhaging information in the lead-up to the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is on track to tear into Los Angeles from June 1-4. Last week, an off-the-reservation game journalist posting under the Twitter account Game Fork spilled alleged details on what Microsoft will bring to its annual press conference, which will take place this year on June 1.

For a game devoted to speed, the official Forza 3 announcement is sure taking its sweet time.
For a game devoted to speed, the official Forza 3 announcement is sure taking its sweet time.

Amid the rumors of a Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Xbox 360, a motion-sensing camera, and a variety of long-under-the-radar demos, Game Fork said that Microsoft would officially unveil Forza Motosport 3. Today, the terra firma under which that rumor stands firmed up a bit, given that Amazon Germany's online database has listed a Prima Strategy Game Guide for the racer. According to the product page, the Forza 3 strategy guide is expected to be available in Germany on September 30.

Forza 3's existence first became known in mid-2008 as part of the seismic information leak by research firm Intellisponse. Documents related to the leak indicated that the racer would be a dramatic expansion as compared to its highly acclaimed predecessor, released in 2007, offering more than 100 tracks and 400 cars. The documents also promised that the game would introduce several new racing modes--drag, drift, oval, point-to-point--as well as new online community features.

However, Microsoft continues to play coy over the game's existence. "We love your excitement and enthusiasm for the franchise but we have nothing to announce," a rep told GameSpot today. "If and when we do, we will surely let you know."

Please note that though retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence, and the absence of a listing should not be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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Avatar image for postal-1

I F-ing love Forza, I hope to the game god it comes out soon.As for GT5 I hope it comes out in... uhh a year or two, you know when Im done playing Forza 3 and I break down and buy a PS3, all kiding aside both damn fun games, GT5 I thought was amazing but I hope Forza 3 flys right on by

Avatar image for its_mmd

gt5+awesome gameplay+greater physics=forza 3 i just hope that it be announced in e32k9

Avatar image for jk80

Instant purchase for me.

Avatar image for nick4554

hey this is going to be great im getting it the first day so i can play it and sell a couple cars online and get money to do more!

Avatar image for NavIGOtoR25

Forza 2 is my favourite race on Xbox 360, and I suppose Forza 3 will be awesome.

Avatar image for Beesters

Forza 2 was freakin awesome, definitely worth my 60 dollars...from making your own designs to changing the downforce of your car.

Avatar image for CTR360

i hope forza3 its better of forza2 i cant wait

Avatar image for blackace

Game is going to kick #$@!! I can't wait. I'll pre-order mine as soon as it's officially announced at the E3.

Avatar image for Mexican_Diablo

Yes!! Forza 3, a MUST BUY!

Avatar image for deathgremlin

I hope you'll be able to transfer cars from Forza 2 over. I would hate to go through modding the same cars over again.

Avatar image for jellyhillcrab

I own PS3 abd 360. I still play forza 2 now and again, not as flash as grid, but better sim. Not as pretty as GT5 prologue, but still a better game (obviously). GT 5 won't have any visible DMG, so I am staying with forza, bring on number 3, yeah!

Avatar image for thenephariouson

I hope they keep the online Auction House and the ability to completely change the look of your cars. Cant Wait.

Avatar image for BK-Sleeper

Drift and Drag racing types? Oh. I'm so in.

Avatar image for Ovirew

Pretty good game series, but I'm not into racers enough to own both 2 & 3, so I will just stick with 2 I guess.

Avatar image for Ovirew

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for TimecontrollNL

I still play this game once a week with my friends over on Xbox live... Its still amazing to have so much variety in cars and so much originality in designs every single race! At first, I thought the controls for the game were horrible, but as I learned tuning the cars, tweaked the suspension, chambers, gears etc. I cant stop playing and designing! The music is also perfect! If they scrap ANYTHING out of Forza 3 that was in Forza 2... (Well, music changes are ok.) I'll throw my xbox out of the window! :P My love for the series will never die... (Although it only began at Forza 2... :D)

Avatar image for ilplaynebody510

Wow and Gran Turismo wont even sell that much no more EVER AGAIN!! not unless they pull EA MADDEN LICENSE...FOR 4 YEARS....Yea GRID had better damage but that did not make it a better simulation.... EVEN TEACHERS FOR U.T.I. use FORZA 2 ...For simulation on SUSPENSION ...And your talkin about sales who cares i belieave hondais sell like crazy but that doesnt make me choose that car before it!

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Are the people below me retarded? It is Gran Turismo "5" morons. And Forza 2 was a good game but it had HORRIBLE physics. And NO, just cause you drive you're Honda at 90 on the highway doesn't make you a specialist on driving mechanics. And NO, owning the 360's force feedback wheel doesn't make it true-to-life driving. Forza 2 wasn't even that visualy stunning. It had half-ass damage when compared to DiRT and Grid and DiRT had better mechanics hands down and better visuals. GT "5" may just be the Prologue for now but DAMN, it is legendary in what it brings to the table when you concider every factor. I'm no fanboy of the PS3 or the GT series, but come one. You have to appreciate every game for what it offers and these two offer a lot. OH, and a source of mine has it on good measure that GT "5" will be out before the end of the year. I wonder if Forza 1 and 2 have ever sold more then GT "3" combined. I'm willing to bet that is a definate no.

Avatar image for Max1363

Same old days baby!! Can't Wait...

Avatar image for knoetgen

Awsome, step aside GT4 and let the big dog eat.

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

oh yeah. its own now. got forza 1 for orig xbox. loved it. got forza 2 on 360 with force feed back wheel. LOVED IT! Forza 3. cant wait. glad point to point and drag strip are coming back. on Forza 1 in B Class i had a 1970 Mustang that would run 10 sec quaters at the drag strip. now i am anti sony. but i respect GT series. but it is taking way to long for the new GT game to come out. thats why i have a 360. dont care which consoles is stronger i just care about the better online experience plus certian exclusive games. i never really got into the MGS series. God of War whatever. final fantasy not into rpg's. killzone eh. resistance eh. besides those titles what does the ps3 have that isnt on the 360. back to forza 3. i expect much better graphics and i really want the engine and trans sounds to be dead on. im assuming that with it being 2 disc put both on HDD and only need disc one i guess while you play off HDD. glad i got the 120GIG HDD when it came out. cause i dont have an elite. blah blah blah LOL

Avatar image for ZedX-14Pilot

Forza 2 is great, and I can't imagine a situation where Forza 3 won't be better. This series puts the GT series to SHAME! Graphics are nice, but gameplay is is king, and that is why Forza will always be better than the GT series. Not to mention the customization aspect. The online auction was also a cool feature. I actually picked up a couple cars from there. PLEASE let this be true!

Avatar image for xxThyLordxx

Forza? :lol: such a horrible franchise. they will always be 2nd best.

Avatar image for xchiefmegadethx

Oh yeah Forza rocks! Wait should i just get GT4P which pretty much is a demo? or wait for the full game that will take another 4 years to come out? lol Or keep playing Forza a real racing game...The best!

Avatar image for Mr_Fujiv1

100 tracks and 400 cars! that just puts all these other racing games in shame. thats soo good! its still a long time till this comes up so im gonna have a think about it

Avatar image for polsci1503

Of course there's going to be a Forza 3... it's just been a question of when. 100 tracks?? Nice... more track variety was an improvement I definitely wanted to see.

Avatar image for enragedrenegade

I can't wait for it to come out. I also hope that it lives up to its expectations and set a new standard for future racing simulations.

Avatar image for xbox122501

Yea! Forza = best racing game ever

Avatar image for LiteBulb90

I think I'm gonna JlZZ my pants when this comes out! Forza 2 is the best racing game EVER! It's just so sweeeeeeet! Can't get enough. I'm anxious to see what's in store for the third game. What new features they will add, and of course, what new cars and tracks. Veyron and new GT-R anyone?

Avatar image for J1GS4W7

...*Feints*... This will be awesome! I loved Forza 2 so much, hands down one of the best racing games ever released. It had realism that was unparalleled and remained incredibly fun and addicting. I am very excited to see this released.

Avatar image for DarthSnipa

This dude on Twitter just keeps spewing out stuff we already suspect.

Avatar image for green_dominator

I'm sure Forza 3 is gonna rock. the original was good but 2 was even better.... I think the third will be awesome Forza just kicks ass....

Avatar image for Paintballa

I really hope they release it soon. Especially this year. Me and my homie's still play Forza 2 every week. If Forza 3 can improve the game play like new race camera's, downloading your friends Ghost times on tracks, or even a Co-Op game mode for a Season of racing, would be awesome! "Step aside and let man come through! In this case the Game. w00t!

Avatar image for SubtleArts

Forza 2 is currently the best racing game I own. If F3 tops it, I will cream in my pants.

Avatar image for SalarianChemist

Forza Motorsport 2 is considered the best Racing Simulation game ever released. The thought that Forza Motorsport 3 is going to improve the game even further is absolutely amazing. The control wheel for the Xbox 360 with its awesome force-feedback design makes it just like you are playing a game seated in an arcade. The way the force-feedback fights against you during spins is incredible. Forza Motorsport 2 also really did a great job of showing how an analag thumbstick can truly add great gameplay to a racing simulation.

Avatar image for -HCMF-

Dude!!!! Can't wait.

Avatar image for motorola29

Haha. Gamespot decided to post the Tournament TV video that I played in.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

The team behind Forza always seem to crank out great looking graphics and car models,but they might have a little competition this year with Need 4 Speed's Shift title.I liked Forza 2, but the simulation style racing is less forgiving, so I'd rather go with the PGR and NFS style racers. I'll still probably buy this one, because It will be hard to pass up, and I enjoy the tons of customization they give you.

Avatar image for Deevvon

Date sounds trustworthy. In that case...Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaauuuuuuhhhh.

Avatar image for Pete5506

So cool, I am so pumped for this game now

Avatar image for death919

Forza 2 was great but didn't have enough tracks, hopefully this one has more tracks, that would make it amazing!

Avatar image for jasonharris48

About darn time

Avatar image for AlmightyMax

I never played F2 but always wanted to, will definitely be looking into this one!

Avatar image for mshl1979

There also hiring for Games developer to develop online content for there next project. Forza 3 is definitely coming.... just a matter of when now...

Avatar image for slayer1185

It wasnt FM2 it was your 360...i had the same problem but got an elite for the hdd, controller, etc and now its fine....good news about new game modes, wish they had those in career plus timed events, fm2 only had circuit, plus i want mirrored and mirrored reverse tracks...fix the aliasing, add night driving and electric/hybrid cars.

Avatar image for MaddenBowler10
MaddenBowler10 many racing games can you have on one system. they usuallly all have same objective, and similar gameplay. IT really can't get all that much better can it

Avatar image for TraXxX

YES! about time.

Avatar image for Zetona

I just hope that Forza 3 won't cause the chronic system freezes that Forza 2 did on my 360.

Avatar image for bigM10231

poliphony makes the games have great graphics or best for the system and most cars but turn 10 makes the games based on what the people want not putting useless cars in or super advanced graphics

Avatar image for feliscele

I don't particularly trust Game Fork. It's not too hard to set up a Twitter account and say that you're a Microsoft insider. Heck, this could be a 13 year old in his parent's basement in Wisconsin making stuff up.

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