Fortnite's Superhero Skin Is Giving Some Players An Advantage

The skin is effectively invisible when standing under in-game shadows.


Fortnite players are asking Epic Games to adjust the custom superhero skin after they've given some players an unfair advantage. The skin, with colors that can be changed to be all black, is nearly invisible when shrouded by in-game shadows.

"They should just give it a white outline or something simple like that," said Redditor Bruvneh. The skin originally required players to display an emoji on both the front and back, but Epic Games added an option to display nothing, giving players the ability to hide in plain sight.

This isn't the first time this has happened in Fortnite. A skin that looked like the green army men in Toy Story had a similar effect where it couldn't be seen in some areas of the map. Epic adjusted that skin after players complained of a "pay-to-win" advantage that it provided.

Fortnite's progression system got an overhaul with Season 5, although players have found that the grind is still as tough as it was in previous seasons. They're doing everything they can to level up quickly and unlock all the skins and items in the battle pass. The superhero skin needs to be purchased separately in the item shop though--those seeking this unfair advantage will have to pay up.

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