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Fortnite's Secret Battle Star Location For Week 3 Hunting Party Challenge (Season 6)

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Here's where to find another free Battle Star--if you've completed enough challenges.

Week 3's challenges are now available in Fortnite, giving players across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices another opportunity to earn Battle Stars and unlock some more Season 6 rewards. As usual, if you manage to complete all of the challenges from a given week, you'll in turn complete a Hunting Party challenge, which will reward you with a special loading screen pointing to the location of a free item hidden somewhere around the map.

Typically, the item in question is a free Battle Star, which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier when collected. However, toward the end of Season 5, Epic began offering free battle banners--items that players can use as their profile icon--as a reward as well. It seems this season, Epic will alternate between the two; Week 2's Hunting Party challenge led to a battle banner, but this week, players will once again be able to collect another free Battle Star--provided you're able to complete all of the requisite steps.

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If you've kept up with all of the challenges thus far, including Week 3's, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured below. This one shows off a character dressed in the new Red Riding Hood-inspired Fable Outfit shooting at werewolves outside of a log cabin. Look at the screen closely enough, however, and you'll be able to spot the silhouette of a Battle Star etched on the cabin's chimney.

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The cabin depicted in the loading screen is located in a northeastern clearing in Wailing Woods. The easiest way to collect the Battle Star is to glide to the area at the beginning of a match, find the cabin, and the item will appear on the chimney as teased. Collect it to level your Battle Pass up and come one step closer to unlocking the new Season 6 rewards.

If you need more help finding the Battle Star, you can see its exact location on the map below. You can also watch the video at the top of this story to see where you need to go to collect your reward. As previously mentioned, you'll first need to complete enough challenges and unlock the aforementioned loading screen to be able to grab this Battle Star; it won't appear on the map unless you've hit all of the requirements.

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The latest batch of weekly challenges features some fairly straightforward objectives, such as eliminating opponents in different matches and hitting a player with a tomato. It also brings back timed trials, a type of challenge introduced in Season 5; here's where you can find the timed trials and how to complete the challenge. Epic also released a set of Skull Trooper challenges to all players, which will unlock a cool Ghost Portal Back Bling when completed.

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