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Fortnite's Season 4 Marvel Costumes Have Special Easter Eggs

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, can only be held by costumes that are worthy of its might.


Fortnite: Chapter 2's Season 4 costumes have some entertaining Easter eggs for players to uncover. Mjolnir, Thor's magical hammer, can only be wielded by skins that it deems worthy. The hammer will transform into a boring pickaxe if you hold the hammer as someone else besides Thor or Captain America.

The hammer became a big part of Season 4 after it created a crater in the map last season. Players had to visit the crater while wearing the Thor skin in order to unlock it. Thor's not the only one that can hold it--Captain America deemed himself worthy in both the comic books and franchise of blockbuster movies by picking the hammer up.

Other costumes have special accessories and Easter eggs as well, but they are limited to the specific Season 4 battle pass skins. Some players are disappointed; they wish they could use the special Marvel back blings and pickaxes with any costume.

Mystique, one of the costumes that unlocks later on in the Season 4 battle pass, lets players disguise themselves as other players they've killed. The camouflage doesn't last long--it'll go away if you travel too far from the scene of the fight. It's one of several emotes that unlock alongside the battle pass skins.

"This battlepass is by far the best [..] in terms of innovation for cosmetics," said Redditor Jonathan287. "All the different types of transformations with Iron Man, She Hulk, etc, Mystiques cool feature, new pickaxe animations, different new gliders with animations, amazing emotes, and pickaxes. This is by far my favorite battle pass."

Fortnite Season 4 content is not available to iOS players. Epic Games had its App Store account terminated by Apple, removing its ability to update the game. It is also no longer available to re-download for those who uninstalled it at some point. However, players are still having fun with the outdated version of the game. It isn't clear when or if the iOS version will be available for downloading and updating again.

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