Fortnite's New Wild Weeks Event Is Fish Fiesta, Giving a Buff To Fishing

More fish, buffed loot, and rarer weapons all lurk in the waters.


The latest Fortnite Wild Weeks in-game event is now live alongside the Week 9 challenges update. This week's theme is Fish Fiesta, and to celebrate the pescado party, Epic is altering the way fishing works in Fortnite for one week only.

With Fish Fiesta, players will enjoy several gameplay buffs to fish, both catching and eating them. Fishing spots will now remain present in bodies of water for longer, with a minimum of three catches per spot, up to a maximum of six catches. Normally, they have a chance of disappearing after just one catch, so this should greatly help this week's Legendary Quest to catch up to 250 fish.

Catching fish in Fortnite has never been easier than it is this week.
Catching fish in Fortnite has never been easier than it is this week.

Rare fish will also be more likely to be caught from fishing spots, and any weapons pulled instead will be no worse than Rare (blue). On top of that, Pro Fishing Rods will be more plentiful. The Pro Fishing Rod differs from the usual in that it can also pull items--and even players--outside of the water. It's also helpful in catching rarer fish. Combined with this week's boon to rare fish drops, a Pro Fishing Rod may feel like a near-guarantee of catching the game's rarest fish or higher-rarity weapons.

The Fish Fiesta will remain active until May 20 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. At least two more Wild Weeks are scheduled to occur for subsequent weeks thereafter, which will take us right up to the end of the season. Fortnite Season 6 is currently scheduled to end on June 7, though Epic has been known to move seasons' start and end times around as needed.

There's no word yet on whether this season will feature a climactic event like the start of it did with the Zero Point Finale, but it's been over a year since Epic switched seasons without some sort of spectacle, so we expect word on this soon, be it by official sources or the ever-active datamining community.

For more on Fortnite, don't miss the full list of Week 9 challenges, including one that asks players to activate a rift by purchasing it from a character.

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