Fortnite's New Update Disables Newest Weapon Due To A Bug

Don't expect to run into any Guided Missiles for the time being.


The latest update for Fortnite has arrived, bringing with it new content and other changes, particularly for Battle Royale mode. However, an issue has cropped up involving the game's latest weapon, the Guided Missile, forcing Epic Games to remove it temporarily.

As confirmed in a tweet from the game's official Twitter account, an "animation issue" has emerged involving the weapon. Specifically, "sprinting after firing the Guided Missile causes the player model to be stuck with no running animation." As a result, Epic is "temporarily disabling it" on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile until a fix can be implemented. The developer doesn't provide any sense for how long that will take, whether it'll be a matter of hours or days. Another problem that sprouted up after the new 3.5 update involving accuracy and reticle issues has already been resolved.

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The Guided Missile was added recently and fires a rocket that players can remotely control (though doing so leaves you vulnerable) and even ride on top of. It's proven to be a controversial addition, though the new update does take steps to reduce its effectiveness. The maximum turn rate of the missile has been decreased by 75%, while its movement speed has been reduced by 15%. It's one of a number of balance changes to go along with the newly added Port-a-Fort item, which builds a pre-made fort when thrown. A revamped version of the 50v50 limited-time mode is also on the way.

The Guided Missile problem isn't the only lingering issue from the new update. A keybinding issue is affecting PC (and PS4 players using keyboards), while the new replay system is causing crashes. Epic shares the status of all of these problems (and any others the game is facing) on its public Trello board, allowing fans to stay on top of how they're being addressed.

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