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Fortnite's New Quadcrasher Vehicle Has Arrived

Build em up. Break em down.


Epic Games has revealed that there's a new vehicle on its way to Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. If you boot up the game you'll be greeted with a splash screen with the latest news and, alongside details on the new Disco Domination Limited-Time Mode and the Fortnite Android open-beta, there's an image and description of the Quadcrasher. [Update: Patch 6.10 is now available, introducing the new vehicle.]

This new vehicle seems to have been designed specifically to cause destruction and to that end it has a mean looking snowplow-like front. For good measure Epic has also outfitted it with a special boost ability. "Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air," reads the description. A specific release date was not shared, but its appearance in the News feed says it's "coming soon." We know update 6.10 is scheduled for release sometime this week, and the Quadcrasher could be coming as part of that.

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While we'll have to wait until its available to see the kind of destruction the Quadcrasher can cause, we're betting that it's going to be very useful for ploughing through any structures that other players build. This means that ultra-defensive players will have a rougher time if there's a Quadcrasher in the mix.

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