Fortnite's Marvel Galactus Event Sets New Concurrent Player Record

Epic announces how many people tuned in for the Galactus event--and it was a lot.


It should not come as a big surprise, but Fortnite's latest Marvel event was a huge success in terms of player activity and viewership. According to numbers released by developer Epic Games, some 15.3 million people were logged into the game at the same time to watch the devourer of worlds himself, Galactus, descend upon Fortnite.

That's a new record for concurrent players, Epic said. For comparison, the Travis Scott concert inside Fortnite reached 12.3 million concurrent players.

Outside of the game, more than 3.4 million people watched the event unfold on YouTube and Twitch, Epic added.

The Galactus event lays the foundation for what will become Season 5, but it turns out you won't be able to play any further until Season 5 begins overnight. That's because Fortnite has been taken offline, rendering it unplayable. Booting up the game presents you with a countdown to the new season, and your only option is to exit.

For more on the Galactus event, check out GameSpot's recap of how it all went down.

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Kinda hard to make the event when it is at 1pm on a Tuesday. Ya know, jobs for regular folks and all...

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