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Fortnite's Map Changes For Season 5 Are Significant


Lazy Links, Paradise Palms, a viking ship, and more are now located around the map.

Epic Games has kicked off Season 5 of Fortnite, coinciding with the release of the big 5.0 update. This doesn't include a new map--we still have just the one--but the island has changed pretty significantly across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS. Here's what to look forward to next time you boot up the game.

A number of the map tweaks are significant enough that they warrant prominent mentions in the 5.0 patch notes. Having diversified the map previously with new biomes, another of these--desert--has been introduced for Season 5. And it's done so in a big way, as the southeastern corner of the map has been replaced. Moisty Mire, which was never a terribly interesting region to begin with, is gone.

In its place, we have a large desert, the centerpiece of which is a new named location, Paradise Palms. This looks like a fairly unnatural town in the middle of a desert, like a neighborhood on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Just to the north, the race track remains in place, though it's now been paved. The desert makes for a much different-looking map as you make your way across in the Battle Bus, and it also dramatically changes the skyline for a good portion of the island.

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Epic's patch notes make note of a "few unnamed POIs [that] have also appeared across the island," referring to points of interest. That may not sound like much, but some of these are quite exciting. There are simple moai statues to be found, for instance, but to the west, between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove, a hilltop is now home to what looks like a viking village, complete with a docked ship that's close to plunging off the side.

Dusty Divot, the most significant map tweak from Season 4, has also been changed up. Although its name remains the same, it's no longer the same crater it once was, as trees and wildlife have overtaken the area. You'll even find some pools of water.

Another Season 4 addition was Hop Rocks, consumable items you could find scattered around the map (particularly near Dusty Divot, where the comet landed) that allow you to temporarily jump much higher than usual. Season 5's take on this seems to be Rifts. Tying in with the tears we saw toward the end of last season, you can now move into one of these to be instantly teleported high up in the air. It's amusing, but it also offers a potential tactical use as it lets you quickly reposition.

Knowing how Fortnite has operated in the past, there are sure to be secrets that players will uncover in the days and weeks ahead. It's possible that even more areas could be brought into the map--the cracks in the sky seen at the end of last season are still there. For now, players can look forward to a fresh zone to battle to the death on--and if Epic is short on ideas for what it could do next, we have some ideas for new maps.

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