Fortnite's "Embarrassing" Breast Physics In Season 6 Fixed [Update]

"This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship."

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Fortnite Season 6 implements numerous big changes in the battle royale mode of the game, at least one of which is completely unintentional on Epic's part: new breast physics. We've reached out to Epic to clarify whether or not they're being completely patched out or simply subdued, but the company is not able to specify its plans right now.

[Update: It seems as if Epic has already taken action to remove this from the game. In a new tweet, it said, "We have disabled elements of our animation system. This means you may see visual issues with some outfits. Thank you for your patience while we work through these issues!"]

[Update 2: According to a tweet from Epic Games, an update has been released that contains fixes for "item and animation issues." There are no further details on what the patch does to items but the breast jiggle animation issue highlighted in the story below seems to have been resolved.]

On Twitter, FaZe Agony pointed out that Season 6's Calamity avatar's breasts jiggle whenever she performs certain movements or dances. Epic has responded to the discovery with the announcement that these movements were not planned to be included in the game. "This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship," said an Epic spokesperson. "We are working now to fix this as soon as possible."

The company did not announce a timetable for when an update might be rolling out, but it sounds like we can expect a hot fix patch soon. Epic has already released an update for Fortnite on Xbox One that fixes a bug that was making the game unplayable.

Season 6 adds plenty of intended changes to Fortnite, though. There are several new skins, such as a Dire Werewolf, Calamity, and DJ Yonder. Seven new weekly challenges have also been added, with three being for free and another four locked behind paying for Battle Pass. New consumables, called Shadow Stones, allow you to gain the supernatural powers to become invisible or phase through solid objects when you use them, and they're found in the game's new corrupted areas.

Fortnite is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Sony has released a beta for console cross-play on PS4, making Fortnite the first video game to support online cross-play between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's consoles.

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Why remove one of the greatest tech innovations of all time?

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Feminists really flipped their script. Now they want women in everything (even if no women want to be) but they must erase all feminine traits and must not present in any way that might be interpreted as sexual. They must all be the same. None must stand out. It is sexist if you stray from the doctrine.

Square bodies, no breasts and blue hair, otherwise it's misogyny.

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@straightcur: ironically almost like barbie dolls

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@straightcur: and dark brown long robes to cover it all lol.

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damn women. keep your parts from moving.

Avatar image for Vodoo

That little breast jiggle is what this whole thing is about? Seriously? I was expecting the boobs to be bouncing all over ala Team Ninja and Dead or Alive physics, not a realistic slight bounce when she dances that you hardly notice.

And it's not just "Americans." It's people in general that like to pick out a small detail and blow it up into a huge issue.

Epic shouldn't have even responded to this crap that 99% of the population doesn't even care about.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

Sure, they "accidentally" wrote thousands of lines of code for the breast physics. Americans are freakin ridiculous. Kill and eviscerate as many people as you want though.

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They did the breast they could with what they had.

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Physics and biology are sexist.

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@MurphyX500: well if God is a man and all he must be the worst sexist and misogynist and racist there is. he created bouncing breasts to entertain men and shame women

feminists are preparing their ladder to heaven

Avatar image for JRD1912

News flash! Boobs bounce! I think the only embarrassing thing was the animation was poorly done. It was hardly gratuitous. I could care less if its in the game or out, but dear lord why does every little thing have to be blown out or proportion these days.

Avatar image for Dizoja86

You can always depend to see little kids crying into their pillows while screaming about "sjw's" on threads like these. Such fragile, wimpy little snowflakes on gaming sites these days.

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I am embarassed that they had to make an announcement to say they fixed some boob jiggle. Damn those SJW are ruining the world.

Avatar image for mrbojangles25


Moving on.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

I guess it's embarrassing because 90% of their player base is 12 year old boys and they were stopped playing just to repeat that animation over & over again.

In seriousness, I don't get what's embarrassing about it though. I know the game's aimed at kids but are we really so scared of them seeing something that's close to the reality of actual physics?

Avatar image for mrbojangles25

@bbq_R0ADK1LL: in today's world, we are supposed to feel ashamed over mildly sexual/sexist slip-ups that would ordinarily just be a funny "whoops, our bad haha".

No no we have to be apologetic, ashamed, embarrassed, and blown out of proportion.

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Rachel from Ninja Gaiden got biggest boobs EVER

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Everyone knows boobs are led bricks.

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Someone got fired

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I think Epic Games needs to read many of the comments on here because they might find a clue after that.

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Oh man I was going to be so sold by this to eventually pay to get Coop. Too bad.

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Women's bodies are the one thing the left and right can agree upon--they should be covered and bring no notice or the world will end.


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Breasts jiggle??? The horror!!! Can't have that.

Now lets all get back to the safe stuff. Shooting, destuction of property, using everything you find as a weapon and stay away from the taboo that is breasts.

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The only thing embarrassing here is defying the laws of physics and gravity.

It reminds me of those sjws who say there’s more genders than 2.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@Sevenizz: yeah im like 80% dude 20% girl so i must be in my own gender.

maybe all gender choices could become a %

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@Sevenizz: there's more than 2. Sex are only 2.

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@santinegrete: Nope, just two. Anything else is mental illness.

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@Sevenizz: when a tranny gives you the best head of your life you'll open your mind :D

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@santinegrete: *vomits*

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@santinegrete: Yeah, I think by "sjw's" he meant "professional biologists and psychologists". There are more than two sexes as well (as any actual biologist will tell you), although they're more binary than gender. These fragile little kids just can't accept complex non-binary ideas yet. Hopefully they get smarter as they grow older.

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Women should feel offended that we are embarrassed by their bodies. Gravity exist, boobs exist, stop body shaming!

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

Women have breasts, and they are not exempt from the laws of physics, so I'm not sure what the issues is.

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What a wimpy time to live.

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Its pretty lame this last few years. I began gaming in the late 80s early 90s. Times were stale, but we had a breast evolution in the early 2000's with games like dead or alive. Then we saw the light brothers. Now these nervous little developers are scared to have a few awesome racks in the games.

Come on, its supposed to be fun to play games and its meant to entertain. I got millions of dollars worth of physx crap tech in my nvidia cards for years yet we aren't even using it to make some epic floppage.

(this is a joke by the way, SJW's don't get your panties in a bunch its just a joke you tight-assed killjoys)

Avatar image for lion2447

@magx: I remember playing Xenosaga III years ago, and the NA version Square-Enix removed blood from the cut-scenes. Watching some of those seens left me confused because they suddently made no sense. One scene even had the camera focus on the main characters hands, which was to demonstrate impact, but fell completely flat.

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@magxYou are so correct...tittie {kek}

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Unless I get some Dead or Alive style boob slinging, I'm canceling my Fortnite account!

Avatar image for Leboyo56

Mother of god, it's Bomberman Zero all over again...

Avatar image for csward

Breast jiggling is realism man. You can't take out the realism Epic c'mon!

This is a marketing ploy to generate buzz for the game, that's all.

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You think I'm going to take your word for it? I'm going to need you to send me video. LOTS of video.

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So a PvP game about killing opponents and people had an issue with jiggling boobs.

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@badhac: They're not really dead buddy. Its just make believe.

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@Salt_AU: They're not really boobs. It's just make believe.

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So it's better when they're hard as over-crammed implants? People, these days. So freaking weird.

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Hhhmm so boobs dont Jiggle? I am sure they did yesterday night when i was looking from the bottom.

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It doesn't count when you're breast feeding. ;)

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@jcharp: Ahh Dammit

Avatar image for jsprunk

So they went from being real breasts to being fake breasts. How is that fixing anything again?