Fortnite's Disco Domination Limited-Time Mode Now Available

You should be dancing, yeah!

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A new update is now live for Fortnite. Epic has rolled out Patch 6.02 across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, bringing not only a new item to Battle Royale, but another limited-time mode to participate in: the recently teased Disco Domination. [Update: Epic has rolled out a hotfix for Disco Domination mode. Among other things, the patch increases the score requirement teams need to meet to win and decreases the rate at which the storm circle closes.]

As its name suggests--you can see it in the gameplay video above--Disco Domination is all about dancing. Players are divided up into two teams of 32, with the object being to dance on the various dance floors scattered around the island. Epic says five of these will appear when the storm isn't moving; when you come upon one, you'll need to first eliminate other players in the area, then emote on the dance floor to raise a disco ball.

The more teammates you have dancing on the floor, the faster the disco ball will rise. Capturing a dance floor will in turn fill your team's "dance bar," until either an enemy player stands on it or the storm circle begins to encroach on the island. The first team to completely fill their dance bar will win the match.

Epic says Disco Domination uses the same loot and resource levels as other 50v50 modes, but there are some notable wrinkles to be aware of. Players won't be able to build on top of dance floors, although they will be able to surround it with a fort. Additionally, respawns will be enabled until the final storm circle begins moving. You can read more details about the new limited-time mode on Epic's website.

Disco Domination arrives alongside a new weapon called the Quad Launcher, which allows players to quickly fire up to four rockets. Epic also rolled out a new set of Skull Trooper cosmetics. Most of these can be purchased from the in-game store with V-Bucks, but one--the new Ghost Portal Back Bling--can only be earned by completing all of the Skull Trooper challenges. Finally, a new set of weekly Season 6 challenges went live on Thursday, October 11.

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