Fortnite's Cube Is Doing Strange Things Again

The mystery never ends.

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Strange phenomena have been a common occurrence in Fortnite ever since meteors first began appearing in the sky over the island all the way back in Season 3, but that has only ramped up in recent weeks with the arrival of the mysterious purple cube. Since then, the cube has risen from Loot Lake into the sky to create a floating island, and now it's once again doing something unusual.

As Fortnite players on Reddit recently pointed out, the purple cube--which remains embedded in the bottom of the floating island--has begun pulsating. Moreover, the strange runes that had previously adorned it seem to have disappeared. What this portends is anyone's guess at this point, but this certainly won't be the last mystery surrounding it as Season 6 continues.

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The cube first appeared in Fortnite back in Season 5, after a lightning storm struck the desert. Soon after that, it began rolling around the island, etching runes into the ground at the various areas it visited. It eventually came upon Loot Lake and plunged in, turning the whole body of water purple and bouncy.

Rather than marking the end of the cube's mystery, that event has only led to even stranger occurrences during Season 6. At the start of the season, the cube lifted a chunk of land into the sky. It remained stationary over Loot Lake for several days before the entire floating island began roaming the map, revisiting the same runes the cube had left behind and leaving strange, glowing craters in its wake. Shortly after that, dataminers had discovered a folder called "CubeGrowth" within the game's files, suggesting that the cube will increase in size.

We're only in the fourth week of Season 6, so there will undoubtedly be more unusual happenings as the season rolls on. There will also be plenty of new updates and weapons in store for the game. The most recent, Patch 6.10, arrived this week and added a new vehicle to the mix: the Quadcrasher, which is capable of seating two players and barreling through structures. Epic has also introduced new in-game tournaments that give players a chance to earn pins.

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