Fortnite's Creative Mode Isn't Getting Updates And Players Are Upset

The Minecraft-like mode isn't getting the new items featured in battle royale.


Fortnite players have found a home for some imaginative levels in the game's creative mode. But despite Fortnite's battle royale mode receiving regular and hefty updates, the creative mode hasn't received many of the items and features that other modes have. Players are getting frustrated.

"They’re really neglecting it," said Redditor NexusGaming2020. "If I were optimistic I would say maybe they are waiting for a big update but I’m not sure."

The creative mode hasn't received any vehicles; boats, helicopters, and the new cars brought on with the Joy Ride update haven't been added. They also haven't received many of the new weapons or items, like the upgrade station featured in recent battle royale seasons. Some items have been accidentally added to the mode, but Epic ended up removing them.

"I stayed up until 2 AM for nothing," said Redditor XmiteYT about the recent 14.00 update that came out earlier this week and only gave creative mode minor bug fixes. "I don't care about battle royale, I don't care about Save the World. Creative got nothing."

Players have made Super Mario 64's Mushroom Kingdom, a competitive SOCOM league, Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Nook's Cranny and even Fall Guys mini-games within the creative mode. The lack of updates hasn't stopped the community from creating as the Minecraft-like mode still gives players a lot of freedom.

Players have found ways to go around Epic and add some of the unreleased items and props to the mode, although methods can lead to in-game bugs.

Epic Games has set high expectations with how often it updates its battle royale mode and now players who've grown attached to other modes, including the original Save the World mode, feel left out. The pandemic has likely affected Epic Games update schedule, but players are quick to point out that creative hasn't gotten new vehicles since 2019 and no new items for almost three months.

"I feel like most of the complaining would go away if they would communicate," said Redditor Itak2. "Then we’d actually have a clear idea of what they’re working on."

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