Fortnite's Battle Bus Now Moves Faster

Remember to thank your bus driver.


You can get to the battle royale a little faster in Fortnite, thanks to a buff of sorts to the Battle Bus. Epic has rolled out an update that makes it move 25% faster while flying, so you can start jumping out and heading for the fray that much quicker.

Epic didn't give a specific reason for letting the Battle Bus driver hit the gas. Presumably as the audience has grown more accustomed to dropping onto the battlefield, Epic feels it can speed up the process slightly. A 25% increase is substantial enough to be felt, but not so fast that it will be too disorienting. Maybe it can be attributed to people thanking the bus driver.

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In a follow-up tweet, Epic noted that demand for the Alpha Tournament was high, and made a cheeky joke about running out of Battle Buses. It then wrote that a small patch was being deployed to help tournament crashes and Android issues.

The Alpha Tournament is the official kickoff of the new in-game tournament feature introduced in the 6.10 patch. A separate tournament called Friday Night Fortnite will be held every Friday night through the end of November. Tournaments are in a testing phase right now and the pins you can earn are mostly for bragging rights. Epic has said that in the future those pins may serve as your entry fee for higher-tier tourneys.

If you need a leg up on earning your challenge rewards once you've touched ground, check out our ongoing challenge guide for the latest.

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