Fortnitemares Challenges: Elite Cube Monsters, Corrupted Areas, Cube Fragments

Time to take down more Cube Monsters and fragments.


Fortnite's spooky Halloween-themed event continues. Fortnitemares has rotated in a new set of challenges with a new reward waiting for anyone fearless enough to complete them all. Following Kevin the Cube's heel turn, "his" offspring are still running amok. The Cube Monsters are still the centerpiece of many of the challenges, along with dealing with segments of the Cube and visiting corrupted areas. [Update: Fortnitemares ends on November 4 with a one-time-only event.]

For this part, you'll need to destroy 10 Elite Cube Monsters, damage 2,500 Cube Fragments, destroy 3 Cube Fragments, visit 4 Corrupted areas in a single match, and deal 1,000 damage to Cube Monsters in a single match.

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Fortnitemare Part 4 Challenges

  • Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (10) — 500 XP
  • Damage Cube Fragments (2,500) — 500 XP
  • Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (1,000) — 500 XP
  • Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match (4) — 500 XP
  • Destroy Cube Fragments (3) — 500 XP
  • Complete Fortnitemares challenges (14) — 500 XP

Completing all of those will earn you progress toward completing Fortnitemares challenges, which will contribute to earning the epic Dark Engine Glider. You’ll need to complete all four parts of the Fortnitemare challenge set to get this. If you just can't wait to outfit yourself all spooky-like, you can purchase the Deadfire skin in the in-game store. It's the first of a new "reactive skin" type, which will change during a match based on your performance. Two more reactive cosmetics, the Shackled Stone Back Bling and Dark Shard pickaxe, also change throughout a match.

For progress on the standard Season 6 challenges, check out our Fortnite challenge guide.

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