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Fortnite X NBA: The Crossover Comes To Creative Mode

Team Battles have concluded, but the NBA is still shooting hoops in Fortnite.


The NBA and Fortnite continue their crossover partnership this week with new experiences in Creative mode, including a basketball-themed limited-time mode and NBA highlights from around the league. The new NBA Welcome Hub will greet all players heading into the mode, while players are encouraged to retool the new NBA items in Creative all week long to create their own custom content for the community.

At the heart of the crossover--literally named The Crossover--is the Court Crashers LTM created by AtlasCreative. In Court Crashers, players can launch themselves off jumps and slam dunk into basketball nets to score for their teams. Somewhere, the creators of slamball are proud of their legacy. Players can either queue up from the NBA Welcome Hub within Creative to play online with others, or use Creative Code 1898-7178-3313 to explore it privately. Players who visit the Welcome Hub and play Court Crashers can level up to unlock the new Basketball Hoop Banner.

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Epic is also introducing live-action video to Creative for the first time. Between May 25 and May 31, players can visit the NBA Welcome Hub and catch themed highlights from the NBA season, including top plays, "dazzling dunks," crossovers and handles, and more.

In addition to all of that, NBA players have hand-picked their own Locker Bundles, including one from Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz and another from Trae Young from the Hawks. Locker Bundles are curated cosmetic sets from streamers, actors, athletes, and other high-profile folks who team up with Epic to highlight their favorite in-game cosmetics.

Mitchell’s Locker includes the Cozy Chomps Outfit, Sharky Shawl Back Bling, Stark Splitter Pickaxe, Dynamic Fire Wrap, and Fire Spinner Emote. Young's Locker the Scarlet Commander Outfit, Gold Digger Pickaxe, Happy Stars Wrap, and Baller Emote.

While the NBA continues to party in Creative mode, its Team Battles event left something to be desired. If you want more Fortnite, it looks like the leaked Foreshadowing Quests reveal a Season 7 theme.

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