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Fortnite Wolverine's Trophy Location Guide: Search Dirty Docks For A Sentinel Head (Week 3)

To find the sentinel head, you'll need to head to the area right outside Dirty Docks for this challenge.


Fortnite: Chapter 2's Season 4's new week of challenges comes with another Wolverine task, just like last week--it even involves the Sentinels again. Players will need to complete a series of Wolverine-specific challenge to unlock a special skin and other items. It's a lot like the Aquaman challenges in the previous season, but with a Marvel hero rather than a DC one.

This challenge will send players to find Wolverine's trophy, a Sentinel Head at Dirty Docks. This guide will show you how to complete the challenge quickly. You don't need to kill anything or anyone for this challenge, unless another player gets in your way. It isn't the only challenge focused on Marvel this week, as you are also tasked with visiting Panther's Prowl.

This challenge is now available in Fortnite for all players (except those on mobile). Keep on reading to learn how to complete it.

How To Find Wolverine's Sentinel Head

Season 4 brought a new location to the Fortnite map: the Sentinel Graveyard. The location is normally in the center of the map, but the new Fortnite update added a small robot head to the southern part of Dirty Docks. In order to complete Week 3's Wolverine challenge, you'll need to head to the H4 tile of the map. The head is hidden within a wooden box in the ocean-side brick building there. Check out the exact location below. Just start looking for that building once you've reached this spot on the map.

Wolverine's Trophy Location
Wolverine's Trophy Location

The challenge is simple: You'll need to stand on the head of the Sentinel body you find. There may be multiple bodies, so try standing on all of them just in case. Once you do that you'll complete the Battle Pass challenge. It's easy, but you'll need to watch out for a possible ambush. It won't be easy to defend yourself here, so be on the lookout for potential enemies.

Sentinel Head Challenge Reward

Completing this challenge will earn you Wolverine's special back bling: Wolverine's Trophy. Remember you'll need to complete every Wolverine Challenge, which come out weekly, before the end of the season. Check out our guide on how to investigate claw marks and how Wolverine Challenge hub for all the info needed to unlock Wolverine in Fortnite. There are also plenty of other Marvel challenges happening this season. They even include where to defeat Wolverine himself. Yes, you must beat him in combat for his skin.

Wolverine Challenge Reward
Wolverine Challenge Reward

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