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Fortnite: Where To Place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery - Week 5 Legendary Quest

The map is changing, but this week's Legendary Quests are just as tantalizing as ever.


In Fortnite Season 7 Week 5, players will need to place welcome gifts in Holly Hatchery. That's the new name of Holly Hedges, and one visit to the location will explain the revision: it's been taken over by aliens. A massive prismatic cube now engulfs the center of the locale, and dataminers say it will get bigger as the season goes on, bringing new low-gravity mechanics to the island. But for now, let's focus on those Fortnite welcome gift locations and earn you 30,000 XP. This challenge is live as of Wednesday, July 7.

Holly Hatchery Welcome Gifts

Instructed by Sunny to once more greet the aliens with open arms--or is it another of Slone's infiltration missions?-- you'll need to head to Holly Hatchery and place two welcome gifts to complete this Legendary Quest. Thankfully, the named location offers seven spots to do so, so it's a pretty quick completion if you can survive the big crowds of sightseeing opponents likely to land there this week. Here are all seven welcome gift locations in Holly Hatchery:

  • Below the tree in the northwest
  • In the gated garden to the north
  • Next to the doghouse at the house to the northeast
  • At the back door of the westernmost house
  • At the front door of the same house
  • At the chainlink fence at the store in the middle
  • At the back door of the southern house
There are seven welcome gift locations, but you'll only need two of them.
There are seven welcome gift locations, but you'll only need two of them.

Interacting with any two of them will complete this Legendary Quest and earn you another 30,000 XP toward your Season 7 Battle Pass, which will also give you Battle Stars that you can spend to unlock new cosmetics right away, or set them aside for when Superman arrives in a few weeks. If you're going for this challenge, it means you've already completed the previous challenge to interact with a CB radio.

Like every week this season, the Legendary Quests revolve more around storytelling than ever before. This season, we've seen the warring alien and Imagined Order contingents clash constantly, with pro-alien humans like Sunny disrupting the balance between earthlings and ETs. Doctor Slone, leader of the mysterious IO, seems to want to enlist all loopers wholeheartedly, but the IO's shady past as an antagonistic group has left some players a bit skeptical. For now, we're eager to see this more narrative-driven Season 7 continue to offer twists and turns as it plays out.

If you're merely here for in-game rewards, however, we've got you covered too. Check out the Week 5 challenges, Week 5 Alien Artifacts, and the incoming Fortnite LeBron James skin with his own King's Bling Quests.

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