Fortnite: Where To Place Alien Light Communication Devices

Climbing Fortnite's mountains and leaving messages in Week 3.


Fortnite Week 3 is still focused on aliens, and their partying habits, and one Legendary Quest will require you to place alien light communication devices on mountain tops. This will take you to several snow-topped peaks, including the summit of Apollo, Mount Kay. We'll let you know the exact locations for where to play alien light communication devices so you can complete this quest and get the nice XP reward.

Alien Light Communication Devices

While we don't yet know why characters in the Fortnite story are trying to talk to the aliens, we have a few theories. We'll get to those in a moment. For now, let's get this challenge finished. You'll need to place alien light communication devices at two spots on the island, and there are four possible places where you can do this.

What's really convenient is they're all quite close by, especially if you complete this challenge in Team Rumble where you'll start with building materials right away and you can re-glide on big falls, allowing you to build ramps from one mountain top to the next.

Here are the four spots to place alien light communication devices:

  • The snowy mountain east of Catty Corner
  • The snowy mountain at the foot of Mount Kay
  • The snowy mountain southeast of Misty Meadows
  • The snow mountain southwest of Misty Meadows
Four snowy mountains in the southeast of Apollo are all you need to complete this Legendary Quest.
Four snowy mountains in the southeast of Apollo are all you need to complete this Legendary Quest.

It seems as though most Fortnite quests this week revolve around Sunny's pro-alien party, so one may think these communication efforts are her just texting the aliens "u up?" However, we also know Doctor Slone, leader of the IO, is trying to infiltrate and sabotage the invaders, so it may be that these devices are her doing. Either way, it's crucial players find out what these characters have learned in order to better understand the ongoing IO-alien war.

Once you've completed this Week 3 Legendary challenge, you'll be nearly done with the whole set. Be sure to check out the full list of Week 3 challenges, though, as Thursday brings more Epic Quests for even more weekly XP. Now that we've seen the new Season 7 Super Level Styles alongside the 17.10 patch, you'll want all the XP on offer so you can complete every look in the book.

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