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Fortnite: Where To Light Three Campfires - Easiest Method

You'll need to light three campfires to knock out a Week 7 quest.


Fortnite's Week 7 quests have been released, bringing a handful of new things to do on the island to earn some XP and additional cosmetic rewards from the battle pass. One of those fresh challenges asks you to light three campfires, which can slowly heal your health when standing near them. While you'll find a slew of campfires across the map, we've got the most efficient route for you to knock this quest out quickly.

Where to light three bonfires in Fortnite

Again, you can certainly find plenty of campfires strewn across Fortnite's massive map, but the quickest and most efficient way to knock the quest out is by landing at one of the campfires along the coast south of Frenzy Fields. This coastline has three campfires in a straight east-to-west line, meaning you can start at one side and rapidly work your way in the necessary direction to find and light all three with minimal time and effort.

These southern campfire locations make for the easiest route to claiming your challenge XP.
These southern campfire locations make for the easiest route to claiming your challenge XP.

As you can see, these three campfires are very close to one another, so getting them all lit should take you under a minute or so--provided you don't run into trouble along the way. Your best bet is likely to land at the western one since it's slightly further from the other two--and also because moving to the east from this point provides a better rotation opportunity toward Mega City or Frenzy Fields. Either way, once you've lit these three campfires, you'll complete the Week 7 quest and be one step closer to some new cosmetics.

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