Fortnite: Where To Interact With A Dead Drop In Weeping Woods

There are three Dead Drop locations in Fortnite Week 2.


Fortnite Week 2 is here and for one of its challenges, you'll want to interact with a dead drop in Weeping Woods to earn 45,000 XP. This Week 2 challenge is another of those that is only visible while the Legendary Quest is active and is meant to relay more story details in the backdrop of the ever-popular battle royale game. Here's where to find all three dead drop locations in Fortnite. You'll be able to complete this challenge in no time.

Fortnite Dead Drop Locations In Weeping Woods

For this challenge, you'll of course need to head to Weeping Woods, either fresh off the Battle Bus or during your travels across Apollo. There are three different dead drops available in Week 2, but interacting with any one of them will complete your challenge. You'll find dead drops in the following spots:

  • near the north side of the bridge in the northeast section of Weeping Woods
  • near the south side of the same bridge
  • at the base of a tree near the river northwest of the largest cabin in the locale
All three dead drops in Weeping Woods
All three dead drops in Weeping Woods

Each week brings with it one challenge worth more than the rest. It's always the first Legendary Quest, and in Season 7, it's always worth 45,000 XP. The dead drop challenge is that special Quest this week, but you can catch up on all the Week 2 challenges for the full run of XP. As always, the Legendary Quests disappear each week when a new list of challenges drops, so you'll want to be quick about those. The Epic Quests, meanwhile, can be completed at any time during the season, so you've got until mid-September to finish those off.

However, you may want to get them done sooner so you can level up, earn some Battle Stars, and be ready to unlock Superman when he arrives in the game later this summer. While you wait for him, you can also unlock other Battle Pass characters like Kymera, a customizable alien, Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, and Sunny, the ska-dancing rocker who actually welcomes this season's alien overlords. Speaking of those aliens, don't forget to grab the Week 2 Alien Artifacts.

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