Fortnite: Where To Interact With A CB Radio - Week 5 Legendary Quest

You'll be heading back to the beach for this challenge.


You'll need to interact with a CB radio for one of the several Fortnite Week 5 Legendary Quests. This is something you may have already done a lot during Season 6's Foreshadowing Quests, if you can remember, but the CB radios aren't spread across the map this time. Instead, there's just one in a single location. Here's where to interact with a CB radio and earn 45,000 XP.

Fortnite CB Radio Locations

To complete this quest, you'll only need to interact with a single CB radio, and though dataminers pointed to one of a few different spots, it seems Epic wants players to focus on a specific location for one CB radio in particular. You'll find it just north of the "crop circle" made in the sand on the eastern shore of Believer Beach.

A CB radio will be placed atop a folding table and next to a chair. Interacting with it is all it will take to complete the challenge, so drop carefully but quickly, especially if you're going for this challenge early on in the week when there's a mess of other players all with the same intentions.

Head to the wood fence near the eastern sands of Believer Beach to find a CB radio.
Head to the wood fence near the eastern sands of Believer Beach to find a CB radio.

The story ramifications of this one have us stumped for the time being, but we know you're getting your orders from Doctor Slone for this one, as it directly follows the simple Legendary Quest to get orders from her at any payphone. Slone has been enlisting loopers to do her dirty work all season, and we aren't yet sold on the idea that she will come out of this war looking like the hero she currently props herself up to be.

Once you're done with this quest, you'll need to head to Holly Hatchery and place welcome gifts. You can browse the full list of Week 5 challenges and Week 5 Alien Artifacts too. Then you can bear witness to the incoming Fortnite LeBron James skin.

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