Fortnite: Where To Get Intel From Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, And Grill Sergeant

Your cheatsheet for this Week 9 challenge.


The Fortnite Week 9 challenges are now live, though there's been a last-minute adjustment. Instead of the Epic Quest that asks you to gather intel on wildlife from five NPCs, Epic has audibled to a different challenge which tells you to activate a rift by purchasing it from a character. For now, this guide on gathering intel isn't needed for the Week 9 challenges, but we're leaving it up in case Epic brings back the challenge in a future week.

Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, and Grill Sergeant Locations

Most NPCs hang out inside named locations, making finding them quite simple, but a few of this challenge's assortment of NPCs are off the beaten path. Here's where you can find each of them:

  • Bushranger: West of Pleasant Park under a tree
  • Tarana: In a house within Boney Burbs
  • Rex: East of The Spire among some scrap materials and a campfire
  • Cluck: South of The Spire by some small huts
  • Grill Sergeant: East of Stealthy Stronghold at the Durrr Burger food truck

If you're a better cartographer than reader, we've also pointed them out on the map below.

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With most of them concentrated around The Spire, you may want to consider visiting Grill Sergeant to the north first, before heading south to get the rest, Storm permitting, of course. Once you've cleaned up that challenge, you'll be 24,000 XP richer, plus you'll have completed another of this season's Epic Quests, which gradually unlock bonus Styles for Season 6 Battle Pass characters.

If you still need to finish up the Week 8 challenges, use our complete guide right here.

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