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Fortnite: Where To Get A Cybertron Cannon And How It Works

This cannon packs a hell of a punch.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has kicked off with a ton of new stuff, including a Transformers crossover that is certain to excite fans of the beloved franchise. In addition to some events around the map and a new Optimus Prime skin in the Season 3 Battle Pass, players can get their hands on a powerful Cybertron Cannon to blast away their foes. Here's where to get one and how they work.

Where to get a Cybertron Cannon and how it works

Cybertron Cannons can be found on the ground or in chests around the island. Although the weapon is Mythic rarity, it's not quite as rare as you'd think, so you should be able to round one up--especially if you're a pretty thorough looter. Cybertron Cannons are a powerful weapon to keep around, so if you manage to come across one, don't pass up the opportunity to add it to your arsenal. It's possible these will have their drop rates nerfed soon, so get in there and enjoy them while you can.

Cybertron Cannons are extremely powerful, so make sure to pick them up when you see them.
Cybertron Cannons are extremely powerful, so make sure to pick them up when you see them.

Cybertron Cannons take a moment to charge, can be fired two times, and they have a 30-second cooldown that ensures you can't spam firing them repeatedly. This is probably a good thing, as each hit with this heavy-hitter does 110 damage, making it an incredible option for opening an encounter--this will break an enemy's shield and then some. That being said, it's not a particularly good choice for close-quarters combat, so consider SMGs or shotguns at that range.

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