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Fortnite: Where To Find Highest Elevation Points On The Island (Season 8, Week 6 Challenge Guide)

It's over Epic Games, I have the high ground!


Another week is here, which means there's another set of challenges to complete in Fortnite. For those looking to unlock everything in the Season 8 Battle Pass, it's crucial that all of these mini-quests are completed so you can earn the Battle Stars needed to level up the pass and earn the cosmetics. While the majority of Season 8, Week 6's challenges are fairly straightforward, there's one that could prove to be quite tricky: Visit the five highest elevations on the island. Here's where to go and what to do.

The Fortnite island is full of elevated areas, so it may be quite time-consuming to run around guessing which ones are the highest of them all. To speed things up for you, we've got a quick breakdown of exactly where you should go. Thankfully, a number of them are located pretty close together, so that makes completing the task even quicker.

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The first of the locations is the volcano crater, naturally. After that you'll need to book it to the west side of the Island. Head towards Snobby Shores but stop on the east side of it because, as you'll no doubt see, there are two mountains on the way there--simply make your way to the top of those and you're good to go. After that, it's time to head south into the colder part of the map. The final two elevated locations are the top of the castle at Polar Peak and then the submarine near frosty flights. Once you've been to those locations, it's done. Good job.

Below you can see a map and list of where the highest locations can be found. We've also put together a video guide (above) to show you exactly where you need to go.

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Fortnite's Five Highest Elevations On The Island

  • Volcano crater at grid reference H3
  • Mountain northeast of Snobby Shores at grid reference C5
  • Second mountain northeast of Snobby Shores at grid reference B5
  • Castle at Polar Peak at grid reference C7
  • Submarine east of Frosty Flights at grid reference B8

The other tricky challenge for the week involves visiting a Wooden Rabbit, Stone Pig, And Metal Llama--and we have a guide to make that challenge a piece of cake.

If you've still got challenges from previous weeks left over, make sure to head over to our Season 8 challenge guide, which includes tips for all the most difficult challenges every week so far. Use that and you'll be racking up Battle Stars in no time.

Fortnite players have been petitioning Epic recently to revert certain changes it made, but that's yet to happen. Meanwhile, the latest Fortnite patch has brought new content, including a new bow weapon.

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