Fortnite: Where To Find A Harpoon Gun Easily

You'll need to damage three enemies with harpoons this week. Here's how you can find them quickly.


One of the first challenges you'll be tasked with completing for Fortnite's Season 2, Week 12 content is to hit different opponents with a harpoon gun. This challenge can seem tricky if you don't know where to look, but there is a spot on the map that makes it very simple.

Where To Find A Harpoon

This is the most surefire spot to go to find barrels containing harpoons
This is the most surefire spot to go to find barrels containing harpoons

The easiest spot to find a harpoon is Craggy Cliffs, which is located in the northern area of the map. We highly suggest gliding directly down there when you start the match, as others are surely going to be heading there to get the harpoons before they're gone. Once you've arrived, look for a brown wooden building with an area just beside it that holds several fishing barrels. It's near the middle of the town.

You can also try Lazy Lake, but the barrels there are more spread out, and it could just leave you frustrated. Start searching through the barrels until you find a harpoon, but keep in mind that it's random, so you may just find fishing poles. If you see someone else using a harpoon, even better--ambush them before they see you.

How To Complete The Challenge

You need to damage three different opponents with your harpoon once you have it, so hitting the same target more than once won't do it. We still recommend doing this to keep yourself from getting killed and avoiding having to find another harpoon in a new match, but line up your shot and you'll stick the harpoon spear in them and tug them toward you. Do this to two other players and the challenge is complete.

For completing this challenge, you'll get 20,000 XP. It's one of the first you'll be eligible to complete this week, and you can also use our guide to destroying inflatable tubeman llamas to get another 20,000 XP.

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