Fortnite: Where To Find A Crossbow For This Week's Challenge

Where to find and how to deal damage with the crossbow in Fortnite this week.


The Legendary challenge in Fortnite this week is to deal damage with crossbows. Newcomers might be wondering where you can even find a crossbow, but this is also something veteran players may need help with. After all, the crossbow was vaulted after a previous Valentine's Day event, but the weapon has returned as Cupid's Crossbow. It isn't tough to complete if you know where you're doing. Get it done soon so you can spend Valentine's Day with your significant other instead of playing Fortnite!

Where to find the crossbow

Cupid's Crossbows can be found almost anywhere you can find weapons in Fortnite, including as ground loot and in chests. These special crossbows only come in Epic rarity, so they will be pretty easy to spot from afar.

Cupid's Crossbow will appear as regular loot in Fortnite.
Cupid's Crossbow will appear as regular loot in Fortnite.

Despite being marked as a higher-tier weapon, they are actually quite common drops right now thanks to this week's love-themed Hearts Wild challenges. You won't find them in droves the way you might more common firearms, but it only took our editors a few minutes to find their crossbows playing at a normal pace.

How to deal damage with the crossbow

Once you find a crossbow, you'll see that they have infinite arrow ammo, so you don't have to worry about preserving bolts to complete this challenge. It operates similarly to the bolt-action sniper rifle. You can aim down sights to scope in and fire like normal, but remember that it is best used at long ranges.

We recommend having secondary weapons on hand until you can find a good sniping spot to safely deal some damage with the crossbow from afar--if you run around with the crossbow out, you risk being caught at a disadvantage in close-range combat.

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