Fortnite: Where To Equip A Detector And Disable Alien Billboard

Here's how to complete this Week 9 challenge.


Fortnite's latest challenges are here, including some more that push the alien story even further. You'll need to equip a Detector, then disable an alien billboard in one match as part of an upcoming Week 9 challenge. The full list of new Legendary Quests has gone live as of Wednesday, August 4 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET, but this story-driven quest can be a bit confusing since it's not something normally available on the map. Here's what to look for so you can earn 45,000 XP this week.

Fortnite Detector And Billboard Location

Across the island, new billboards are popping up advertising Meowscle's Morsels cat food, which we found out earlier this season is the meal of choice among the alien invaders. Strangely, when you approach the billboards, they suddenly shift from the cat food ad to plain, bold letters declaring "SUBMIT," as a not-so-subliminal message.

Working for Slone, you'll want to erase these secret messages coded by the aliens and repair the billboards back to normal. For this challenge, head to the billboard in the southeast corner of Misty Meadows. Just off from where it sits in the grass, you'll see a scanner able to be picked up on the paved road of Misty Meadows.

Not all is as it seems with these new Fortnite billboards.
Not all is as it seems with these new Fortnite billboards.

Grab it, then head to the billboard and interact with it to disable the secret alien message. Once you've done so, you'll have completed this challenge and earn 45,000 XP, the most of any single challenge among the Fortnite Week 9 challenges. Just remember that you have to do both in the same round. There are other billboards around the map too, and the scanner doesn't seem to spawn far away from any of them, so ultimately Misty Meadows is just one example of where to finish this lucrative challenge.

Doctor Slone has many more missions for you in the Week 9 challenges, so be sure not to miss any. On that note, don't miss the limited-time Week 9 Alien Aritfacts either. Come back this weekend and watch the Rift Tour with us. Ariana Grande will be there: That has been officially confirmed.

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