Fortnite: Where To Collect Doomsday Prepper Guide - Week 4 Legendary Quest

There's only one doomsday prepper guide location in Week 4.


One of the final Fortnite Week 4 challenges tells you to collect the doomsday prepper guide. This is another story-related item that will only appear when you have the quest active and, once collected, will disappear permanently. But most people are in it just for the XP anyway, so here's everything you need to know about the Doomsday Prepper Guide location.

Where To Collect The Doomsday Prepper Guide In Fortnite

Unlike all the other Legendary Quests in the Fortnite Week 4 challenges, this one requires you to locate just one item. We'll get to the story significance in a moment, but for now you surely just want to know where to find this doomsday prepper guide. Let's get to it.

Hydro 16 is the dam northwest of Misty Meadows.
Hydro 16 is the dam northwest of Misty Meadows.

The doomsday prepper guide is found at Hydro 16, which is the brick building that houses operations of the hydroelectric dam just west of Lazy Lake--the actual lake itself, mind you, which is north of Misty Meadows. Head to Hydro 16 and enter the ground floor.

Look for the small office beside the metal stairs. Inside you'll find very few items, like a desktop computer, a filing cabinet, and, if your quest is active, the doomsday prepper guide sitting on the ground. Interact with it to complete the challenge and earn yourself a cool 30,000 XP.

You can collect the doomsday prepper guide inside this small office at Hydro 16.
You can collect the doomsday prepper guide inside this small office at Hydro 16.

For those following the story, this quest appears to be quite a revelation. All the preceding Week 4 Legendary Quests involve searching for Farmer Steel, who has been missing in action since the aliens showed up. Given his outspoken criticism of the extraterrestrials, some have assumed he was abducted. After all, many Fortnite NPCs are missing this season. Maybe they're all aboard the Mothership somewhere.

Others, including us, have thought maybe his disappearance was a false-flag operation conducted by the IO, who continue to make the aliens look worse than they actually may be, given the aliens' lack of aggression and the IO's penchant for it. However, a doomsday prepper guide recontextualizes the entire plot.

It seems Epic is teasing the truth: Farmer Steel has gone into hiding, perhaps even underground into some sort of bunker. Maybe he's waiting out the war between the Imagined Order and the aliens, maybe he even has other NPCs with him. There's still a lot we don't know, and that's just how Donald Mustard and the creatives at Epic seem to prefer it. For now, the guessing game is as fun as the XP, in our opinion.

Be sure to grab all the Week 4 Alien Artifacts while they're here. They'll only stick around for one week, as always.

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