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Fortnite: Where Are Timed Trials In Season 6? Map And Guide (Week 3 Challenge)

The clock is ticking.

Thursday marks the weekly refresh of challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the latest is no exception. Week 3 of Season 6 is now live with a fresh slate of seven challenges to complete between now and the end of the season. One of these in particular may prove to be difficult, as you'l need to track down and complete various timed trials. We've put together a quick guide, video (above), and map to help you get it done quickly; here's where to go and what to do.

The challenge in question is complete timed trials, which you may remember from Season 5, when this type of challenge made its debut. What you need to do and the process for completing it hasn't changed since then, so here's a breakdown. Scattered around the island are blue stopwatch collectibles and, when you pick one up, you'll have an allotted amount of time to grab the rest of the them that appear in the area. If you're new to this, it may take some trial and error as some of the collectibles require you to build your way up to them. Naturally, this means you'll have to have the relevant resources on hand to craft the necessary platforms. In some areas it can also be advantageous to hop in a vehicle to get it done quick, so you'll have to get a feel for whether that's the case and then grab an ATK.

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When it comes to finding the location of the timed trials, we recommend going for the other challenges first, but keeping your eyes peeled for the blue stopwatch pickups. In particular, the "search a chest in Lonely Lodge" and "visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods" challenges are good trials to have as the main focus. These two challenges involve travelling around the map, so you're likely to run into some trials along the way. This is a great way of streamlining the challenge completion process. Thankfully, there's plenty of timed trials scattered around the island. The ones we found are listed below, along with screenshots of their locations.

Click image to view in full screen
Click image to view in full screen
  • Outside Tomato Temple (Between G3 and G4)
  • Left of Dusty Divot (F5)
  • Hilltop south of Tilted Towers (D6)
  • Bridge near Shifty Shifts (D8)
  • Villains Hideout (Between B4 and B5)

Once you've completed three of the timed trials, you'll get yourself 10 precious Battle Stars. The rest of the challenges shouldn't be as difficult. Take a look at our full rundown of Season 6, Week 3's challenges for more information on those.

Fortnite is currently feeling a bit spooky for Halloween, and if you want to be extra effective at putting the fear in other Fortnite players, developer Epic Games has released a bunch of new cosmetic that are worth checking out. These include the Skull Trooper skin, which makes its long-awaited return with a few extra customization options. There's also the new Skull Ranger skin for the female character model, the Skull Sickle Harvesting Tool essential for that harbinger of doom look, and the Crypt Cruiser Glider so you look like death floating around the skies of Fortnite. These can all be purchased through the in-game store using V-Bucks.

However, the hottest Fortnite in-game item this Halloween is undoubtedly the Ghost Portal Back Bling, which emits ghostly apparitions of other skins. To get this you'll need to complete the Skull Trooper Challenges, which will take a fair bit of dedication. You can see all the Skull Trooper Challenges and new cosmetics here.

If you need a break from the challenge grind, Epic has introduced a new Limited-Time Mode called Disco Domination. This mode tasks two teams with taking control over the most number of dance floors on the Island. Naturally, to secure a dance floor you've got to dance long enough to raise a disco ball. This mode was added as part of update 6.02, which also included the new Quad Launcher weapon. You can read about both of these additions, as well as other tweaks and changes in the Fortnite update 6.02 patch notes.

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