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Fortnite Week 9 Secret Battle Star Location (Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge Guide)

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Here's where to find the last free Battle Star of the season.

Season 6 of Fortnite is almost over, but there's still a little time left to complete any remaining challenges and unlock the last few Battle Pass rewards. All throughout the season, Epic has been rolling out new challenges for the game on a weekly basis. Clearing these rewards you with XP and levels up your Battle Pass, but if you manage to finish all of the tasks from a given week, you'll also complete one of the seasons Hunting Party challenges.

Just as with Season 5's Road Trip challenges, completing a Hunting Party challenge will reward you with a special loading. Along with featuring a cool piece of artwork, these screens contain a subtle clue that points to the whereabouts of an item hidden somewhere around the island. Depending on how many weekly sets of challenges you complete, this item will either be a Banner--which can be used as a profile icon--or a Battle Star that levels your Battle Pass up by one tier.

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If you complete nine weekly sets of challenges, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured below. It depicts the Calamity and Deadfire skins standing amid a field of flowers (while the AIM robot--the Legendary skin you unlock by completing seven Hunting Party Challenges--lurks ominously in the background). Look closely at the image and you'll see the silhouette of a Battle Star in the grill that's just left of Calamity.

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To find this Battle Star, you'll need to head to the recently rechristened Leaky Lake. Glide to the central island where the Stonehenge-like monument is at the start of a match and you'll be able to spot the aforementioned grill nearby. Approach it and the Battle Star will pop up, which you can then collect as you would any other item to level your Battle Pass up by one tier. We've highlighted its exactly location on the map below. You can also watch us pick the Battle Star up in the video above.

As usual, you'll need to complete the required amount of challenges in order to collect this Battle Star. It won't appear on the map unless you've unlocked the aforementioned loading screen, so you can't simply go to the right area and expect to find it unless you've put in the necessary work.

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Season 6 of Fortnite is slated to end on December 6, which means Season 7 is just around the corner. You have until then to complete any remaining Season 6 challenges. If you need a hand, you can find tips for all of them in our comprehensive Season 6 challenges guide. You can also use the links below to see our guides on where to find all Season 6's other free Battle Stars and Banners.

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