Fortnite Week 9 Alien Artifact Locations

Five more Artifacts with which you can customize Kymera.


The Fortnite Week 9 Alien Artifacts are in the game now, and you still have some time to complete them before the Ariana Grande live event takes up everyone's time. The Alien Artifacts went live alongside the Epic quests on Thursday. As always, these Artifacts will only stick around for a few days, so make sure you grab them within one week (since you looked at me). But with our guide, you'll not need to worry. Here's where to find Week 9 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite.

Week 9 Alien Artifacts

There are five Alien Artifacts on the island this week, as is almost always the case. Each canister actually adds four Artifacts each to your cache, meaning you can find 20 Alien Artifacts on the island in specific places, not to mention the bonus Artifacts you may find by opening Cosmic Chests throughout the week. You'll find Alien Artifacts at the following locations:

  • Under the floor of Unremarkable Shack on the central northern mini-island (smash through the wood to see it)
  • Inside Gas N' Grub gas station just east of The Aftermath
  • Atop the satellite dish at Defiant Dish, east of Weeping Woods
  • Inside the small hut beside the mini-spire within Weeping Woods
  • Inside the shack on a small island offshore from Holly Hatchery
All Week 9 Alien Artifacts
All Week 9 Alien Artifacts

With Alien Artifacts, you can unlock new cosmetics for Kymera. The Tier 1 Battle Pass alien character can be customized across a variety of features, including armor color, skin color, armor underglow, eye color, head shape, and more. Each category of Kymera's features includes a tiered list of options ranging from 2-17 Alien Artifacts per item, including a full set of free options which act as the default Kymera style. To unlock the most expensive item in any category, you'll need to first unlock all the others before it in the same category.

That's why collecting all Fortnite Alien Artifacts each week is so important if you're hoping to unlock the full range of features. Unlike past customizable Battle Pass cosmetics like Chapter 2 Season 2's Maya or Chapter 2 Season 3's 'Brella, Kymera can be restyled whenever you feel like it.

There's no permanent locking-in of his look. You could even make multiple Kymera characters for different presets. It's like amassing an alien army for your loadouts. But you have to get Alien Artifacts during the week in which they debut, as they're replaced the following week with new ones. Also new this week is a quality-of-life feature that puts Alien Artifacts on your map when you're nearby.

You're unlikely to grab all Alien Artifacts in one round since they're spread out--though you could with a UFO and a little Storm luck. But don't worry, so long as you get them all before they disappear next week, you'll be all set.

For more limited-time Fortnite rewards, don't miss the Week 9 challenges or the upcoming Rift Tour starring Ariana Grande. You can also learn where to equip a detector and disable an alien billboard, where to place a bioscanner, and where to place spy probes.

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