Fortnite Week 6 Guide: How To Signal The Coral Buddies

The little critters have returned to challenge you.


Fortnite's latest round of challenges are coming later this week. One task will have players reuniting with some old friends from a previous season. The challenge is to signal the Coral Buddies. This guide will show you where to find the Coral Buddies in order to complete the challenge quickly.

This challenge leaked early; check back on Thursday to see it live in Fortnite.

Who Are The Coral Buddies?

The Coral Buddies are small creatures that were part of a series of mystery challenges in previous seasons. Players had to supply them with different building materials in order to help them advance their digital civilization. Now they can be found at their own named location, Coral Castle.

We don't know the specifics of what this challenge means yet, but we should find out more on Thursday. This could mean that Coral Castle is changing this season. It could also mean absolutely nothing as this season's challenges have been a mishmash of themes.

Where Can I Signal The Coral Buddies?

The Coral Buddies can be found to the left of Coral Castle. It's a large island with little huts and rocks that the buddies live in. You'll find the exact location for this challenge on the map below:

Fortnite Signal The Coral Buddies Challenge Location
Fortnite Signal The Coral Buddies Challenge Location

We don't know exactly what you'll need to do for the challenge just yet, but you should just need to go up and interact with them in order to complete the challenge. There are also shell horns you can play within Coral Castle--you might have to play them as part of this challenge. Check back here on Thursday for updated details.

What Do You Get For Signaling The Coral Buddies?

You should get around 20,000 experience points to help you level up your battle pass. Be sure to check out our guide on how to blow up fishing spots at various locations around the Fortnite map in order to level up and unlock all those battle pass goodies.

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