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Fortnite: Week 5's Secret Battle Star Location Guide (Season 9 Utopia Challenge)


Another free Battle Star awaits.

Week 5 of Fortnite Season 9 has arrived, and it's brought a new set of challenges to complete in Epic's hit battle royale shooter on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile. Each task you finish will reward you with Battle Stars, which in turn will level your Battle Pass up and unlock more of this season's new cosmetics. There's an extra bonus for those who clear all seven challenges from a given week, however: You'll also complete one of Season 9's Utopia challenges and earn a special loading screen for your troubles.

What makes these loading screens so desirable is each one features some kind of clue that leads to a free item hidden somewhere around the game's map. Clear an even-numbered Utopia challenge and you'll be able to find a Fortbyte, a new kind of collectible that Epic introduced in Season 9. However, if you complete an odd-numbered Utopia challenge, you'll have a chance to collect a free Battle Star, which will level your Battle Pass up by one full tier.

If you've managed to finish five full sets of weekly challenges, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured below, which will point you to another free Battle Star waiting somewhere around the island. This screen features a character passing through a Slipstream, new wind tunnels that can be found by Neo Titled and Mega Mall. However, the Slipstream itself isn't the clue; rather, if you look closely at its outer rim, you'll be able to spot the coordinates B2, B3, C2, C3, which converge near the castle in Haunted Hills. That's where you'll need to go.

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The coordinates meet at an otherwise unassuming patch of grass. Make your way there and the Battle Star will appear when you approach. Interact with it as you would any other item in the game, then finish the match and you'll level your Battle Pass up by one tier, bringing you another step closer to unlocking all of Season 9's rewards. If you need more help finding it, we've marked the Battle Star's exact location on the map below. You can also check out our video walkthrough above.

Unlike the aforementioned Fortbytes, which can be collected by any Battle Pass holder so long as you know where to look, there's an important caveat to keep in mind before setting off to find this Battle Star. The item will only appear in your game if you've completed the required number of weekly challenges; you can't simply go to the right place and find it if you haven't done the necessary work. If there are any previous tasks you need help with, however, you can find guides for the trickier ones in our full Fortnite Season 9 challenges roundup.

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Alongside the Week 5 challenges, Epic rolled out Fortnite's 9.20 update. This week's patch introduced a new item called the Storm Flip, which will create a temporary safe zone when thrown into the storm--and vice versa. To make room for it, Epic vaulted all hunting rifles. The publisher also brought back the infamous Infinity Blade as part of the Sword Fight limited-time mode. You can read more in the full patch notes on Epic's website.

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