Fortnite Week 4 Challenges: Dance On Dumpling Head And More

Dance like nobody is watching.


We're now in Season 9, Week 4 of Fortnite, and there are new challenges to be completed. As always, one set is available to everyone playing the wildly popular battle royale mode, while the second is exclusively available to those that have spent money (V-Bucks) to purchase a premium Battle Pass. Here's what's on tap for this week and what you have to do to complete them.

By completing the week's challenges, which you can see in full below, you'll earn Battle Stars. These level up your Battle Pass and, as it climbs in rank, you'll unlock cosmetics that can be used to customize your character.

This week players will need to do damage using a Sniper Rifle, dance in various locations (inside of a tomato head, inside a holographic Durr Burger head, and on top of a giant dumpling head), and get kills using legendary weapons. The least straightforward of these is the dancing one, since you'll need to know the map well enough to understand what those descriptions refer to. You can check out our guide for assistance on figuring out where to go.

If you've got a premium Battle Pass, you'll also have access to four additional challenges. They ask you to land at specific named locations (which is as simple as heading to one at the start of a match five different times), destroy loot carriers, eliminate enemies in specific locations, and visit named locations. The latter needs to be done in a single match, but these can be any named locations, so it shouldn't be too difficult as long as you avoid combat.

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  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Dance inside a holographic Tomato head (1) -- 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2: Dance inside a holographic Durr Burger head (1) -- 2 Battle Stars
    • Stage 3: Dance on top of a giant Dumpling head (1) -- 2 Battle Stars
  • Legendary weapon eliminations (3) -- 10 Battle Stars


  • Destroy a Loot Carrier in different matches (3) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Land at Polar Peak (1) -- 1 Battle Star
    • Land at Lazy Lagoon (1) -- 1 Battle Star
    • Land at Salty Springs (1) -- 1 Battle Star
    • Land at The Block (1) -- 1 Battle Star
    • Land at Lonely Lodge (1) -- 1 Battle Star
  • Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot (3) -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Visit different named locations in a single match (5) -- 10 Battle Stars

Fortnite's 9.10 patch launched on May 29 and introduced the Burst SMG, which is available in common, uncommon, and rare varieties. It can be found in chests and vending machines, and as floor loot. The Burst SMG has a 24-round magazine and uses light ammo. The Suppressed Submachine Gun was thrown into the Vault to make room for it, however.

It looks like developer Epic Games is also teasing an upcoming event, as players noticed a giant eye on the island. The eyeball can be found beneath Polar Peak, and will watch you and follow your movements if you're close enough. It could be that this monster will eventually break out and stomp around the game world.

If you need a hand completing challenges from previous weeks in the season, take a look at our complete Fortnite Season 9 challenge guide. We're updating that with guides on a weekly basis, so you'll find the methods for how to complete the trickiest challenges in there.

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